[Press Release]Incovo Reaches for the Stars with a New Accreditation from Konica Minolta

Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland – incovo is pleased to announce that it has received the prestigious and highly competitive Konica Minolta Five Star accreditation. Every Konica Minota dealer is audited against stringent servicing guidelines; those who meet the necessary requirements are awarded a three, four or five star rating.

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What Types of Network Cabling are There?

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What kind of Ethernet Cable should I use?

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5 Things to Consider when Asking: Will My Existing Cabling Support VOIP?

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What are the Benefits of Using Cat 6 Cable Instead of Cat 5?

cat 6 cabling

Technology is always evolving, changing, and adapting for our necessities. Data capacity has reached new limits and the amount of processing power that can be accessed by practically anyone has increased and continues to grow. … [Continue reading]