Unified Business Communications: 5 reasons why your business needs it

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business unified communicationsUnified Business Communications

Unless you have had your head buried in the sand, it is more than likely that you will be familiar with IP-telephony, in the form of Skype, the low cost or free voice call platform. Unified communications, which expands on the IP-based platform, is now becoming bigger than ever in a business context thanks to the ever expanding communications mediums that go beyond the traditional phone line. The reason for increase in uptake is the ability to reduce business call costs and the ability to improve productivity, as one of Scotland’s leading suppliers of unified business communications and collaboration services, we will take a look of five of the main benefits that could help your business’ communications solutions.

Combination Power

As the name would imply, the ability to unify your communications to enable greater availability across a range of services (email, IM, voice calls, text and more) over multiple devices through telephony and business data on a network, voice, data and video information can be combined, thus saving each piece of data from being managed and compiled into separate chunks.

What’s more is, thanks to encryption,unified business communications software makes data being sent across networks far more secure and robust from being manipulated.

Productivity Hacks

Another great way UC software helps make things easier for information processing is by taking the headache out of employees having to manage and operate separate communication channels.

The fact that a worker can use a single phone number and a unified inbox across each of their communication devices speeds data handling up and makes effective decision making happen all the more faster too.

Advanced Functions

In the case of telephony, unified business communications software is more advanced than its more traditional counterparts too. Offering short-number dialling, that doesn’t require the use of area codes, multi-international businesses can run a lot smoother across countries and continents.

Call forwarding is another advanced function that appears as a benefit. The fact that forwarding can be made to various types of devices, while incoming calls can search for an idle extension, also positively impacts the overall day-to-day running of a communications-dependent business.

Inexpensive Calls

Given that calls are made over a digital network, unified business communications also offer more cost effective rates than traditional telecommunications systems. Combine that with video and data also being thrown into the package and it suddenly looks all the more beneficial too.

Billing is also more consistent too and less dependent on the fluctuating tariffs and on and off-peak charge rates that many traditional telecommunication companies employ.

Contact Management

Finally, UC can also make integrating a businesses extensive contact list a lot easier by providing a single, easily-accessible phone book. Accessible from all locations across a range of devices, this book can also be held on the central server and protected from mobile security issues that could effect devices.

Unified business communications, although widely recognised as being suitable for large organisations, might just be a good fit for a whole range of businesses. With benefits like those mentioned above, its advantages over traditional communication offerings are clear to see and only likely to grow wider thanks to future developments.

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incovo is a business communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost-effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever-changing market conditions.

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Sean Lightheart

Sean Lightheart

Marketing Executive at incovo
Sean is a Marketing Executive at incovo, a leading ICT company based in central Scotland. He is interested in technology, specifically next generation applications and looks to embrace smarter living through technology.
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