Business Telecoms Security: Telecoms Fraud Warning

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Business Telecoms Security

Business Telecoms Security: Telecoms Fraud Warning

As one of Scotland’s leading ICT specialist technology integrators, incovo are increasingly aware of the rise of telecommunications fraud, especially at this time of year. Nefarious criminals are increasingly sneaky and constantly finding new ways to be devious and con businesses out of money so it is because of this that we advise all of our customers to remain vigilant over this festive period. Our Business Telecoms Security experts have highlighted two of the newer scams that we have been made aware of, so please beware of the opportunistic scammers.

Fake divert request

It has been brought to our attention that fraudsters have been posing as end users to place diverts on lines sometimes reporting bogus faults. In some cases we have heard of a well-spoken individual by the name of “James” called in on a withheld CLI to log a fault due to a power surge and asked for a divert to a mobile number.

Whilst these have been avoided so far it is worth re-emphasising the need to be vigilant and carry out data validation checks that only your customer will know the answer to.  All instances need to be reported to us and you need to ask your affected customers to report the occurrence to the incovo helpdesk. This way we stand a better chance of catching those involved in fraud attempts.

Mobile fraud warning

Another potential attempt to defraud that we have heard of over the last few weeks, is a number fraudulent requests for high-end smartphones on new contracts. The methods used by the fraudsters follow a similar pattern and we would encourage you all be aware of the following.

The fraudsters use valid company details and often valid bank details, which allow them to pass credit checks and obtain smartphones and other telecom services on contract.

The smartphones requested are typically 8 or 9 x Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, connected on new numbers on O2 Small Biz or Vodafone Red tariffs with a large data allowance.

In some cases, the ‘cloned’ company has no online presence and the fraudsters create a website and email addresses using the details from Companies House. In some cases the contact and business details change or there is a last minute change of delivery address. Locations include, but may not be limited to, West Midlands, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.

We urge you and your staff to remain vigilant to these methods and to carry out full credit checks before providing services. Remember to validate the company details by contacting the business using alternative contact details found on Companies House or social media. Do not rely solely on information provided by the company making the enquiry.

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If in doubt, get in touch with our Business Telecoms Security Experts

These are two of the newer ways we have been made aware of but if you have any other concerns or suspicions then we advise that you contact the incovo helpdesk for further guidance from our Business Telecoms Security experts.

About incovo

incovo is a communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

Sean Lightheart

Sean Lightheart

Marketing Executive at incovo
Sean is a Marketing Executive at incovo, a leading ICT company based in central Scotland. He is interested in technology, specifically next generation applications and looks to embrace smarter living through technology.
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