Konica Minolta introduce the bizhub 758 and bizhub 958 to their Multifunctional Device range

bizhub 758

New Konica Minolta 8 Series Bizhubs – Bizhub 758 and Bizhub Pro 958

Leading  digital production printing solutions manufacturer Konica Minolta, have added two new multifunctional devices to their range of printing systems and solutions with the introduction of the Bizhub 758 and Bizhub Pro 958. The Bizhub 758 is the latest monochrome Multifunctional Device (MFD) and is part of the new 8 series machines that features some of the improved customisations opportunities on the control panel and a new NFC panel for better mobile connectivity. The new Bizhub 758 has been brought into replace the Bizhub 754e and Pro 754e and is designed to meet the demands of high-volume Print Offices or in-house printing departments with the highest requirements for productivity and reliability.

Impressive Speed – Bizhub 758

The Bizhub 758 has made improvements with it’s environmental performance on that of its predecessors with the lowest typical weekly electricity consumption (TEC) value in its class. incovo Print Engineer Chris Thomas, was invited to preview the new machines recently at a dealer event and had the following observations on the Bizhub 758 – “My first thoughts on the new Bizhub is that it would offer high flexibility, and could be used for any kind of business process and would probably enable users to boost their productivity. Especially in offices where a high efficiency, reliability and quality are demanded, this device is the perfect choice for the production of a variety of documents.

“From a technical perspective,  the recently developed high capacity dualscan document feeder simplifies scanning of large volumes and increases productivity, while the advanced sensing technology of the Bizhub 758 reduces feeding errors and paper jams. One feature that caught my eye was the paper size measurement function, there is no need to spend time checking paper size manually as this is now done automatically, which would minimise errors encountered for users. I can already think of a few clients that would be interested in seeing this machine’s improved capabilities.”

Additionally, Konica Minolta have also announced the impending arrival of the forthcoming Bizhub Pro 958 which is due for arrival later on this month (July, 2016). Another MFD from the 8 Series, the Bizhub Pro 958 will have a strong focus on speed as it offers a 95ppm (Pages Per Minute) MFD ,which is ideal for the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) market for whom the Production Print range would have been too highly specified. As a simple rule-of-thumb, if a machine is doing over 80k per month, the bizhub Pro 1100 would be a more suitable device. Furthermore, the Z-fold can now be fully integrated into the finisher reducing the overall footprint and the scanner can now take 300 pages and can scan up to 240 images per minute. These improvements make the device even more suitable for central reprographic departments (CRD) and high volume document workflow than its predecessor.

To find out more about the Bizhub 758 or Bizhub Pro 958 then contact incovo today.

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incovo is a business communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost-effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever-changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

Document Management Solutions: Printing Functionality for Offices

Document Management Solutions

Nowadays, an office printer is more than just a printer, it is a multifunctional device: it is expected to a variety of functions – printing, copying, scanning, faxing and more. More than this, a good document management suite will allow you to integrate comprehensive communication workflows that will allow your office to benefit from enhanced management, distribution and archiving functions. As a print engineer, I have designed and implemented a raft of solutions across offices, large or small, corporate, departmental or centralised and commonly, the requirement for document creation, reproduction and distribution. So today I am going to outline some of the best functions to look out for when selecting print and multifunctional solutions for offices.

Document Management Solutions: Functions to look for

Ease of Use

Most people have used an office printer before and familiarity is a great thing, enabling you to do the basic functions without having to remember great complex procedures. That’s why I really like using the Konica Minolta Bizhub machines, because when you have used one, you will know how to use any of them. Machines that incorporate large screens and intuitive touch functionality are pretty commonplace nowadays, and with good reason. A  huge benefit is if a manufacturer provides considerations such as animated help functions, familiar or obvious icons that enable straightforward operation.


Security is an important aspect of corporate usability within a modern business environment. To reliably protect sensitive corporate information on internal hard discs as well as in the internet, you should look to a printing solution that offers the most comprehensive range of standard security features in the market and with that provide the sound basis for professional and highly individual security solutions.

Efficiency in Print or Copying

Most printers will take a variety of sizes of paper but keep an eye out for ones that can deal with A6 or A5 size, given their commonality when doing mailing print runs. Similarly, SRA3 which is of great benefit when doing brochures with full bleed images and layouts. Paperweights vary from 52 g/sqm for delivery notes up to 300 g/sqm for cover pages and posters.

When consdiering more complex print requirements, an extensive range of useful print and copy features facilitates the creation of both standard and more complex documents are an important consideration. This would include elements such as  forms overlay, for the production of business correspondence and banner printing to create individually sized display material up to 1.2 metres length. Duplex printing and copying not only minimise environmental impact but also help reduce costs by saving paper, filing space and postage. Auto colour selection avoids inadvertent printing or copying in colour of black and white originals.

Availability of Apps

Like a smartphone or tablet, your printers and multifunctional devices comes with apps (or applications, to give it their full title) and the reason for this is to enable advanced scanning or document workflows. This can typically include: document capturing, distribution and archiving. The digitisation of documents and their conversion into editable electronic formats allows the seamless integration into existing workflows, for example into order, delivery, invoice and archiving processes of logistics or finance departments. Thanks to the availability of suitable applications, virtually anything is possible. To find out more about some of the best Apps for printers available click here.

Finishing versatility

Finishing may not seem like a necessity but if you have a lot of documents to process (stapling, folding or otherwise) this can be a major time consumer and also not to mention very boring! So minimising manual work for professional document output, advanced inline finishing makes everyday office work easier, saves time and guarantees highest productivity The comprehensive finishing versatility.

The bizhub devices includes corner and 2-point stapling which means that financial reports and manuals can be provided ready-for-use in the output tray without requiring manual collation. Inline booklet making automates the production of centre-folded and saddle-stitched booklets like product brochures, company magazines, etc. Two- or four-hole punching helps create handouts and documents ready for filing. Also available are different folding modes such as letter-fold, which speeds up the enveloping of invoices, mailings and such; offset sorting, mixplex/mixmedia, and sheet insertion, to structure extensive documents with chapter dividers.

So there you have it, a quick look at the key functions of an efficient, work-placed office print system. At incovo we are geared to meeting these and other office print requirements for many years. Above all we think the benefit of using our devices should be that you enjoy your work. We know that better and more efficient workflows result in higher productivity, saving you time and money, and that’s what we are all about.

If you want to know more about our document management solutions, feel free to connect to me on Linkedin or get in touch via the usual ways, as I am always happy to discuss print solutions.

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About incovo

incovo is a communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

Top 6 Document Management Applications – Konica Minolta MFDs

Document Management Apps

Konica Minolta Applications / Document Management

You can count on Konica Minolta to deliver powerful, simple document management applications to help you scan, store, distribute and archive information quickly and more cost effectively — to speed your workflow and realize the full potential of your bizhub as a central document resource that moves information faster.

Today we look at the various applications that enable you to customise your machine to help improve processes and workflows depending on your business requirements; some of which come as standard with the Multifunctional Device, and some as additional supplementaries that can be added to suit your individual requirements.

Any organisation that deals with large amounts of paper documents will spend a great deal of staff time trying to organise and process these vast quantities of information which can often lead to staff wastage without the appropriate system and tools to facilitate it. Konica Minolta and their selected development partners have created a range of applications that allow for the capture and management of the information process thus ultimately improving efficiency and reducing time wasted.


1. FileAssist – Save, share, sync, and backup documents and data instantly – without compromising time or sensitive information. Konica Minolta’s FileAssist is a cloud-based document management service that allows every business to securely access mission critical data from anywhere in the world, at anytime. Housed on a dedicated virtual server, it works seamlessly on different platforms, browsers, mobile devices, and bizhub MFP’s within a single application and uniform user experience to streamline workflow and increase productivity.




2. iPro Copy + – Easy to use and integrating seamlessly with your current PC environment, iPRO Copy+ is an ideal litigation software solution — offering legal scanning, copying, Bates numbering, OCR and printing in a simultaneous process that saves you time and effort.





3. iPro eScan-IT  – For legal applications, iPRO eScan-IT offers scanning and OCR in a cost-effective software program that simplifies the process of preparing cases for eDiscovery — searching files, creating images, extracting text and metadata, and transforming paper documents into industry-accepted legal file formats.




4. DocRecord – A powerful, low-cost document management solution with powerful features to help you capture, process, organize, index, and search and retrieve documents for smoother workflow and higher productivity. You’ll have both local and web document search capabilities with any browser-enabled device — PC, tablet, even smartphone.

  • Automation Server for scanning batch or single documents
  • Workflow Creation with customized processing
  • Pivot-In Data Extraction and Entry to save time
  • Desktop Extender to find documents more quickly




 5. ScanPath -Get more out of your bizhub MFP with ScanPath. This document conversion and workflow software transforms scans into nine editable formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and into various PDF formats. It also has Follow and Secure Release print capability. With ScanPath you can scan to PDF, custom workflows, network folders, SharePoint, email, and on-line web repositories. It has OCR support for over 25 languages and is localized into 19 languages.

  • Scan in your choice of formats and image files including scan-to-PDF
  • Save time and expense of manual document conversion
  • Customize your document processing workflows
  • Protect documents with follow-and-release printing


Unity Document Suite


6. Unity Document Suite – A desktop document management solution designed to optimize the power of your bizhub MFP, Unity Document Suite streamlines processes for improved productivity — enabling you to convert, edit, organize, combine, search and share scanned documents, Microsoft Office files and PDF files more quickly and easily than ever.

  • Speeds document collaboration workflows in small-to-medium businesses and departments
  • Ideal for legal, healthcare, education, finance, insurance, government, manufacturing, construction, facilities management and customer service applications

*Some features may require the installation of the included eCopy


A comprehensive guide to Document Management Applications for Konica Minolta MFDs

As experts in managed print solutions for a wide variety of businesses across Scotland, incovo are pleased to offer this guide that helps to illustrate the range of latest apps for your Konica Minolta Multifunctional Device.


Document Management Apps







If you see any app that you think would help improve your document management process and would like to discuss possible implementation then you should contact incovo today by emailing sales@incovo.com or calling:

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About incovo

incovo is a value added reseller of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever changing market

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

incovo is Konica Minolta’s 5 Star Gold Partner in Scotland

incovo have achieved Konica Minolta’s highest accreditation – 5 star service accreditation. To
retain this award incovo is continually audited to very high standard to ensure we have the required support structures in place to be able to support end-users in the demanding environment of Production Print.

The business efficiencies obtainable through optimised end-to-end document solutions

Automated Workflow

Realising an edge through workplace efficiency

Streamlining business processes and workflow automation are smart strategies for organisations looking to improve bottom line figures, optimise return on their technology investments and enhance their reputation with their customers. Industry leading professionals and senior management teams are discovering the importance of document based workflow and ensuring processes are efficient. Here are some ways that workflow management and improved business processes can achieve greater efficiency and allow businesses to be more competitive.

Automated workflow drives growth

Over 83% of business process owners believe that improving customer-facing document processes will increase revenue by 10.1%.

This growth can be achieved improving customer communications, streamlining sales and customer process and customer processes and improving customer support.

Automation delivers a return on investment

60% of organisations investing in scanning, document capture and business efficiencies through document capture based technology are Finance, HR, Service, Claims and Case Processing Teams.

Streamlining process to satisfy and retain customers

Effective business process management systems internal processes, streamline workflows and waiting times by up to 75%

Stronger data driven infrastructure

Data analytics and smart systems ranked by executives within the top 3 most significant effects of technology.

Technology is enabling organisations to enhance their business processes, strengthen their data driven infrastructure and facilitate more informed decision-making.


Investing in workflow and technology is allowing organisations to become more efficient and competitive. The document and information processes at the core of every organisation can contribute significantly to greater workplace efficiency. Organisations are taking advantage of smarter, more automated document and workflow processes, through document capture, document management, data sharing and business process management technologies. Industry leading organisations are realising their edge by successfully streamlining processes, increasing business revenue, building stronger data-driven infrastructure and enjoying more meaningful relationships with their customers.

view this information in an infographic

Infographic - business efficiency through document process management











For more information on how incovo can help your business improve its workplace efficiency through the latest document solutions visit http://www.incovo.com/imaging.html 

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Why it is Important to Use Genuine Konica Minolta Consumables

incovo konica minolta

incovo konica minolta




As a genuine Konica Minolta 5 star accredited dealer, incovo believe that only by using genuine Konica Minolta consumables do you have the best chance of obtaining quality prints and continued reliability from your printer.

Use of other consumables (such as new toner cartridges sold by other manufacturers, refilled toner cartridges, and non-genuine Konica Minolta toner) may affect the quality of your prints, may cause your printer to initiate intensive internal cleaning processes that adversely affect print speed, and may cause costly printer repairs. If it is determined that printer damage or failure was caused by the use of non-genuine Konica Minolta consumables, the repair or replacement of the printer is not covered by your printer warranty. In other words, using genuine Konica Minolta consumables protects your investment.

The term ‘consumables’ refers to any printer supplies that must be replaced on a scheduled basis. Toner cartridges are probably the most obvious consumables, but other consumables may include print units, waste toner boxes, OPC drum cartridges, fuser units, and transfer belt units, depending on your printer.

Issues arising

In instances where we have encountered issues with non-genuine Konica Minolta stock, we have found  that if you use a different type of toner than is designed specifically for your printer, it may leak into the printer, inadequately fuse to your print media due to different fusing temperature requirements, or not be completely cleaned from the printer is transfer belt unit and rollers during the printing process. All of these things cause print quality defects.

The high-quality prints that you expect from your magicolor or PagePro printer depend on the ability of the individual toner particles to react precisely to the accuracy of the printer’s laser as it images your document. Print quality also depends on the ability of the toner particles to adhere to the media with precision through the fusing process as the page exits from the printer. The size, shape, and purity of the toner particles all affect the way the particles carry the electrostatic charges that move them from cartridge to page. Genuine v supplies have the quality to perform excellently and consistently under the high-quality tolerances of Konica Minolta printers.

One such example of this is with a magicolor 3100 imaging unit after non-genuine toner had been used to print only a small number of pages. While the roller must be smooth in order to provide high-quality prints, the non-genuine toner scratched the roller like sandpaper, thus sacrificing print quality.

scratched roller








incovo only supply and fit genuine Konica Minolta parts and consumables to ensure maximum quality and to ensure validation of the manufacturer’s standard warranty.

If you would like more information on this or any of incovo’s digital imaging solutions for business, which we offer throughout Scotland then feel free to check out our new Digital Imaging Brochure:

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Short term rentals of photocopiers, multifunctional devices and multifunctional printers

photocopier rental

Short term rentals of photocopiers, multifunctional devices and multifunctional printers can be invaluable to a business where an outright purchase or lease purchase of equipment is not cost effective. Demand and volumes can be changeable, for example short term projects may require a use of a printer to meet that extra demand or where you have a temporary site and one is required. The capital cost to buy a device under these circumstances is simply just not a viable solution so renting on a temporary basis is an ideal and sensible choice to make.

incovo can meet these requirements by offering rental terms from only one week and up to six months with equipment ranging from desktop printers to fully functional A3 multifunctional devices that can copy, print and scan. We can expedite the process for you when timescales are restrictive and accompany this with a variety of short term service agreements that will suit your needs. Alternatively we can also just provide ad hoc service on a chargeable basis and supply all consumables at extremely competitive pricing.

If your business has these requirements now or in the future please contact one of the team for more information.

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About incovo

incovo are preferred partners of Konica Minolta and are specialists in installing and maintaining the wide range of business
solutions Konica Minolta offer. We can provide businesses of all sizes innovative multifunctional devices, laser printers, photocopiers, software and consumables. incovo are also able to offer fleet management and support services for businesses of all sizes  and are able to offer detailed status monitoring and intelligent alerting improves uptime and device availability. For more information about our managed print services then download our brochure for further information.

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Introducing the new Konica Minolta BizHub c3110

Konica Minolta Bizhub c3110

As of last week, industry leading multifunctional and digital print system manufacturer Konica Minolta, announced the end of life of the reliable C25 Bizhub model to make way for the new bizhub C3110. The C25 was a popular desktop printer that was small, lightweight and featured a compact design and included multifunctional features including printing, scanning and fax functionality.

Now though, with the improvements in efficiency and productivity the C25 will make way for the improved performance of the bizhub c3110 and boasts the following improvements:



Konica Minolta Bizhub c3110















The bizhub C3110 forms the entry level A4 colour multifunctional device which logically fits into the A4 colour range. It is ideal as a small desktop device, personal or a network ready shared device.

Product Highlights

  • 31 ppm A4 colour desktop MFD
  • 3 in 1 (print/copy/scan), (Opt fax)
  • Scan to Mail Box
  • Duplex print as standard
  • RADF – duplex copying
  • USB port – printing
  • 350 sheets / 850 sheets max
  • Opt Hard Drive, 6.5k monthly volume
  • Emperon™ print controller – Easily compatible with different users and IT environments through Konica Minolta’s unified print technology
  • Simitri® HD polymerised toner – Delivers high print quality and yet ensures reduced print spending as well as lower environmental impact
  • i-Option (special feature) – Offers extended scope and advanced MFP functionality in line with individual requirements
  • CSRC remote services – Keeps productivity up with online monitoring of devices and consumables through the Konica Minolta service

To find out more or arrange a product demonstration then please contact incovo today.


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