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Get more from your Unified Communications Solution

We’ve seen it so many times before: businesses want to adapt their communications protocols to enable growth and deliver enhanced service delivery channels to meet customer growing expectations and they turn to unified communications as the solution. Sold as this silver bullet that will open up a new range of channels and features that will enhance your communications ability, giving greater options and availability – all of which it does.

However, without the correct planning and quintessentially, stakeholder buy-in, inevitably it never reaches the intended full potential of it’s considerable ability. This is highlighted summarised by a recent study by Softchoices that indicated that of employees and IT managers polled, sum 71% use fewer communications tools than are available to them. Underutilisation is often underpinned by lack of understanding, lack of buy-in or lack of training.

What also adds to this paradigm is the rate of development of technologies and solutions that go even further to bring new benefits and efficiency to the communications procedure but without sufficient planning, it is easy to get lost in excitement and lose sight of the business objective.

Taking action with the end in mind

  • Focus on outcomes, not technology – While communications technology is an essential enabler of performance, we would always be quick to remind customers that performance as a business needs to drive all investment in infrastructure. As a solutions integrator, we always begin this process by providing guidance at your current position by assessing your current environment; providing relevant options as how to help migrate to new platforms and integrate new applications. We believe we can deliver top performance to you as a service provider by  understanding how to augment and enhance your business processes through unified communications.
  • Delivering a service orientation, not a product orientation – Having established the key business priorities that ensure the correct technology selected and delivery method is suitable, the next step is about the service delivery from the provider. In order to obtain a full return on your investment in the technology solution, as your technology partner, incovo are committed to integrating, maintaining and perpetually upgrading your platforms and applications.

How incovo helps customer’s optimise their unified communications solution

incovo differentiate themselves from product providers and systems integrators by becoming a technology partner with our clients and this is done by the delivery of a strategic assessment of the organisation’s current competences and capabilities. The assessment is designed to measure your ogranisation against a set of operational and strategic competencies that determine the appropriate solutions.

Unified Communications Competency Assessment

With this assessment and our best practice experience we are then able to determine where your organisation fits into our development and integration model. The model is designed to pinpoint your current ‘as-is’ status with utilising current technology and then plots staged operational upgrades with reasonable and considered time-frames to reach the ‘optimal’ stage of deployment. Our experience has allowed us to develop this model to help manage expectation and facilitate stakeholder buy-in enabling the optimised adoption for the organisation. This is often achieved with a stakeholder workshop, from across all the key areas of the business (typically IT and senior business department heads) that are familiar with strategic objectives for the business.

Those who invest the time, reap the benefits

It seems obvious to say but those organisations that invest the time and effort into this process invariably are able to focus and prioritise the best path for unified communications development. Those that do have been known to benefit from decreased costs from the reduction of office space, cutting travelling time and costs and savings from telephony operational expenditure. Furthermore, they also experience better collaboration and improved efficiency amongst employees and greater flexibility resulting in improved employee satisfaction.

This approach ensures a single vision across the business that will assist in optimising existing initiatives, as well as serving as an educational process to explain the various technologies and their purposes, strategically, to business users. So if you are at the starting point of your organisation’s strategic planning process or in a checkpoint review point of an ongoing planned project, it may be well worth your while speaking to incovo about how to get the most out of your unified communications project.

Ready to put a UC system to work for you? It’s time to explore incovo’s UC solutions, powered by Avaya

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About incovo

incovo is a communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

Video Conferencing: Additions and enhancements to Avaya Scopia Video Solutions


Avaya has announced enhancements to its video collaboration platforms as part of its new “Team Engagement Solutions.”Additions and enhancements to Avaya’s portfolio include:

  • The introduction of the new H175 Video Collaboration Station
  • The E159/E169 Media Stations support flexible video connectivity
  • The Avaya Scopia XT7100 and XT4300 video conferencing room systems


The new H175 Video Collaboration Station is a personal desktop device which combines video conferencing collaboration and advanced call management with desktop application access. It includes a HD video camera and a 7′ HD touchscreen display, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, access to Outlook calendar & contacts, presence status, cordless handset and HD speaker phone.



The Avaya E159/E169 Media Stations deliver high quality voice and provide access to the most-used call handling features via an intuitive interface. They can serve as a standalone SIP desktop device or a charging station for iPhones/iPads (iOS 6.0+) and Samsung Galaxy mobile devices (KitKat and JellyBean).
Avaya E169-Media-Station








• Support for H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), one of the industry’s most advanced video compression technologies
• Full HD video quality at up to 1080p at 60fps
• Support for H.264, resulting in up to 50% less bandwidth usage
• Dual 1080p 60fps live video and content sharing
• CD audio quality
• Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for high quality even on low-bandwidth networks
• PTZ camera with 10x optical zoom (40x with digital) and wide-angle
• Up to 9 participants, including on mobile devices and desktops
• Microsoft Exchange calendar support
• Little or no user training required
• Control via Apple iPad



The new Avaya Scopia XT1700 video conferencing room system provides HD video for small and medium-sized rooms, with high-end features available at an attractive price point.
• Support for H.264
• HD 1080p 60fps live video and content sharing
• Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for high quality even on low-bandwidth networks
• Wide-angle PTZ camera
• Up to 4 participants, including on mobile devices and desktops
• Microsoft Exchange calendar support
• Little or no user training required
• Control via Apple iPad



• Users can now directly share content wirelessly from their laptops
• Seamless handoff from a mobile device or laptop to a room system
• 1080p video quality on laptops/PCs and mobile devices
• Ability to broadcast video meetings to up to 100,000 viewers
• Full HD recordings accessible from an intuitive portal
• The recently announced Avaya SDN Fx provides better application and network stability

With many companies today having offices in multiple locations it’s important that employees, no matter where they are geographically, can communicate with one another in an efficient manner with video conferencing.

One of the most useful enhancements to its Team Engagement Solutions is the ability to massively scale meetings. Through Avaya’s Scopia platform, users are now able to hold massive digital meetings with as many as 100,000 viewers and record each meeting in full HD to broadcast or watch at a later date.

For more information or to request a demo of this powerful new video conferencing enhancements then contact incovo today to experience the power of enhanced collaboration for business. incovo are an official Avaya partner and have been installing video conferencing solutions throughout central Scotland for a number of clients.

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