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Do you need an Avaya Maintenance Contract?

Are you in need of a maintenance contract on your Avaya telephone solution? Well, at incovo we can help.

incovo are a Scottish based telecom solution and support specialist. We maintain the complete range of Avaya systems; no matter the age of your system you can be sure that incovo have the skills and spares to competently look after all your requirements, now and into the future.

Many people are being pushed toward replacing their existing Nortel Meridian solution since the acquisition of Nortel by Avaya. It is true that Avaya will not continue to support many of the Nortel Meridian solutions, but actually Nortel did not support many of these either as they were “End Of Life”.

incovo have manufacturer trained engineers on all of these systems and have a local stock of spare parts. We are confident that we can cater for all your Avaya business telephone system needs.

Should you require additional programming work, or a new telephone installed, give incovo a call 0845 840 4500. We will be happy to quote for any moves and changes you require, all parts and labour are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Maybe you need the security of a maintenance contract to ensure that your telephones are always operational. Could your business get by for a day or more without working telephones? Not everyone thinks about these issues. If you have a maintenance contract with incovo not only will we react to faults but we also take a proactive approach by carrying out annual PMV’s (Preventative Maintenance Visits).

incovo offer the standard maintenance contracts that you would expect to find anywhere, but due to our unique setup we can tailor any maintenance contract to exactly what suits YOUR business needs. incovos run 24/7/365, so if you need cover on a Sunday for 2 hours then we can offer that within any contract quoted. Give us a call and see if we can save you money on a custom built maintenance contract.

Call today to get a competitive quote on your maintenance requirements –

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Smartphones doubling as desk phone – introducing the Avaya E169 Media Station

Avaya Launches E169 Media Station, Linking Smartphones and Tablets with Desk Phone

Avaya E169-Media-Station

Following previous articles where we had looked at the rise of distributed enterprise, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the rise of the softphone, we’ve decided to review the new Avaya solution that looks at servicing all of these communication trends.

We’ve commented on the rise of the mobile workforce as a growing trend in commerce and this solution from Avaya is designed specifically with that in mind. Until a fully established fixed mobile convergence solution is present in the market, the E169 serves to help bridge that gap by acting as a midpoint between fixed and mobile comms.

Typically, some non-office based staff will have a natural preference for their mobile device, given their predominate use on the road – it is the life blood of business nomad. But when these workers come back into the office they normally revert back to using the ‘hard phone’ either for better voice clarity or because they don’t want to sit at their desk on their mobile phone wasting battery power. This is where the new E169 Media Station comes in to play.

One of the best features of the E169 is the ability to be used intuitively for hotdesking scenarios, with programmable functions that determine how long a device’s identity is active on the portal. The bay also includes a handset that makes the station more like a traditional hardphone and comes with a companion app that allows for full customisation and programming to configure the settings.

When docked, the E169 acts as a crucial charging port for the mobile or tablet device

  • Standard SIP deskphone with ability to dock mobile devices
  • Basic call handling: Transfer, hold, forward, mute, conference
  • Premium acoustic performance with six speakers and 4 dynamic mics
  • Full numeric keypad, bluetooth pairing (IOS & Android), and more!

Alternatively you can use the E169 Media station as a Bluetooth audio device for existing Avaya mobile apps including the Avaya Flare Experience and One-X Mobile. It offers superior sound quality over and above your standard mobile phone and its speaker phone is one of the best on the market featuring beam forming spatial audio, 4 dynamic echo-cancelling microphones, 6 high-performance speakers and a downward firing subwoofer.

The Avaya E169 Media Station is available now and comes with really great initial features with many more advanced features planned in future firmware updates. A smaller ‘mid-range’ device called the E159 is also due to be released in August with more details to follow.

For more information on this or any other Avaya product, or if you would like to view a demonstration then please contact us today.

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Seven mobile apps to help your business’ productivity

The rise of distributed enterprise and the mobile workforce is becoming more and more publicised and today we look at seven of the most useful apps for improving businesses’ productivity. Empower your workforce, take a look at these apps.

Mailtracker App1. Mailtracker – In spite of the new technologies that enable new means to communicate and converse in a business context, email is by far and away the most used medium for discourse. One of the principle problems with this is when people refuse to read emails, it can cause a bottleneck. Now with Mailtracker, an app that syncs with the iPhone (not available on andriod as yet) mailbox and can send detailed information about when your email is read, where it was read and on what device. Also, Mailtracker are currently developing a desktop version of the application.


Quip App2. Quip – Messaging and document sharing in one place, cut down on unnecessary emails during collaborative projects. This app allows you to work on drafts and edits in real time and delivers a stream of constant updates as they occur. Through its design, Quip offers the added benefit of a reduction in emails by delivering project updates and can even function offline.



Linkedin Pulse3. Linkedin Pulse – Its not uncommon for many of your workforce to have a Linkedin profile given that it is a great way to establish and strengthen connections with key personnel in your industry. Linkedin Pulse is essentially like a RSS feed for professional industry news and allows for quick share access with your network, if like me you share content on Linkedin, this can often be a great way to engage with key influencers or customers from your industry.



Any.do4. Any.do – Since the economic downturn, the trend in many businesses has been to decrease staff and increase workloads amongst the remaining workforce, inevitably resulting in more tasks. So nevermore has there been a requirement to manage and prioritise your workload and the Any.do app is the perfect tool to do just that. Designed to allow you to easily add tasks to your to-do list and mark them as complete when ready, or defer them to a later point in your schedule.



Focus Lock App5. Focus Lock – In the age of internet of things, the masses of information available at anyone time is infinite and the temptation of distraction is constant. With Focus Lock, you can select certain apps and make them inaccessible for a defined period of time, enabling you to remove the element of temptation entirely, allowing for complete focus to the task at hand. Select your working times, select the apps you want to lock, and then lock them. As soon as you do, opening the app will give you a big “App Locked” screen.  Distraction, what distraction?


HitChap App6. HipChat – Like most business professionals the constant stream of email correspondence can severely slow your productivity down and, similarly slow response can often be the bane of your working existence. Hipchat is a cross platform tool which allows entire teams of staff to message individuals or work groups. The app features persistent chat rooms, screen sharing, video chat and drag and drop file sharing for easier collaboration Free from server technology so requires no maintenance and is available on desktops, mobiles and tablets.



Avaya one-x mobile7. Avaya One-X Mobile – Unified communications is a must for today’s mobile workforce and Avaya’s one-X mobile app allows you to receive office calls on your mobile device, present your office caller ID number on outbound calls, search your business directory, view your voice messages and see presence status of your colleagues. For those working remotely in an area with access to wifi then Avaya’s Communicator app allows for VoIP calls to be made to help keep overheads to a minimum.



Did you know that incovo also provide mobile workforce solutions?Offering flexible, cost-efficient, and tailored packages, incovo’s mobile Business Plans will help you keep your phone bills under control. We give you the best price plans and value added services, so you can stay in touch wherever you are. Whether you live on your mobile or just make a few calls a day, you will benefit with a choice of exclusive rates and offers on our customised Business plans.

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Konica Minolta bizhub C3850 – June Promo

Konica Minolta incovo


Get the Fast Flagship Konica Minolta bizhub C3850 (38ppm) A4 Colour MFD At the same price as the bizhub C3350 (33ppm) for June. Orders effective from June 6th to June 30th (orders must be invoiced during these time frames). Please be aware that the bizhub C3350 (33pm) is expected to be in low stock over June.

A4 Colour Multi Functional Device boosts Business Class Workgroup Productivity

  • 38 ppm A4 colour mfd
  • 3 in 1 (print/copy/scan), (Opt fax)
  • KM – 7 inch Col Panel
  • Duplex print standard
  • RADF – duplex copying
  • USB port – printing
  • 650 sheets / 1650 sheets max
  • Standard 320GB hard drive
  • KM Emperon Controller
  • KM Simtri HD Toner
  • KM CSRC – automated efficiency
  • KM iOptions
  • KM Open API – Solutions compat
  • 6.5k monthly volume


Contact us today to get more information or a free print audit to find out how we can help reduce your print costs.

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