SIP Trunking: Why you should be considering SIP to replace your ISDN lines

SIP TrunkingBT intend to migrate all customers on to the IP network by 2025.

You know when the UK’s biggest telecoms company plans to migrate their customer base to a new platform, there will be reasonable justification for this. This ended much speculation as to when BT might switch off the PSTN and ISDN networks.

As of August 2013, there were 3.2 million ISDN channels in the UK and although BT do not have all of these on their network a significant number of ISDN customers in the UK now have a date from which they will no longer be in service and customers who are using them will be looking to move. This figure is set to tip in favour of SIP by 2018 when it is expected that SIP will reach 3 million trunks in the UK as it is estimated that ISDN is losing 300,000 channels per year. For some, this will act as a catalyst to consider SIP and/or a hosted solution as alternative.

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is the standard communications protocol for voice and video in a Unified Communications (UC) solution across a data network and has many benefits over its predecessor. Back in the days of analogue and ISDN all telephone calls were routed over the public telephone network, UK companies would purchase what they needed from BT and an engineer would visit your office to install your new telephone lines, also known as ‘Trunks’. SIP trunks also tie is perfectly with incovo’s Cloud Telephony platform, which offers real-time communications for small businesses.

Benefits of SIP trunking

But our farewell to the PSTN will bring companies many benefits. SIP trunks will deliver:

  • Lower monthly Line & DID Rental – The monthly fee to have a number of lines installed at your office drops significantly with SIP trunks. Simillary DIDs cost a lot less
  • Lower call charges – there are many SIP trunk providers and competition has driven down call charges significantly. Some SIP trunks even come with unlimited calls
  • Better customer service – Provide better customer service by adding more geographical & international numbers. Just by adding numbers to your SIP trunk and terminating them on your IP PBX you can give customers more options to dial in, at a significantly lower cost. Reduce the barrier to contact you and increase sales
  • Move offices and keep the same number. SIP trunks are not bound to a location, so its easy to move offices without having to change your stationary or inform your customers. No need to hassle and pay a telco to divert phone calls.
  • Maintain better business continuity – for example, if an office is temporarily re-located in an emergency, SIP trunking makes the process quicker and easier
  • Eliminate VoIP Gateways – SIP trunks will eliminate the need to buy and manage VoIP Gateways. All phone calls come in via IP. No extra conversion often means better quality too
  • Leverage a modern IP PBX – Modern IP PBX / Unified Communications solutions will give customers increased productivity, mobility and boost sales. Connecting an IP PBX to SIP trunks is much easier than via the PSTN.
  • Flexibility – it is easy to add channels to your SIP trunk to cope with increased calls. A simple phone call will allow you to add channels, and often this can be done immediately. Compare that to getting additional lines installed and then having to upgrade your old PBX to handle more lines!
  • Correct number of channels – With SIP trunks you can easily choose the correct number of channels that you need, whereas with ISDN/T1 you often have to choose to add either 15 or 30 lines. This usually means you end up with expensive extra capacity.


Upgrading the internet connectivity

It is worth considering a dedicated internet line for the SIP trunk. Most firewalls are able to handle multiple WAN connections, and considering the low cost of an internet line in most places, a separate VoIP connection will be the most reliable way to ensure the quality of your VoIP calls. We can provide bundled services with a dedicated internet line already.

This keeps your voice traffic separate from your data traffic. Much will depend on the cost and your network infrastructure. Check that your firewall is up to date and will be capable of handling VoIP traffic correctly.

Upgrading the pbx to an IP PBX

Chances are that the trusted old PSTN lines are connected into another trusted old device, the PBX. This device its inflexible, difficult to manage and often expensive. Technically it is possible to buy a gateway that allows the old PBX to talk to the SIP trunks. However now is the time to upgrade to a modern IP PBX and leverage the flexibility and modern features IP telephony can bring. There are may reasons to do ranging from cost savings, to productivity increases right to boosting sales. More about that here. Once the decisions has been made you’ll have to decide for the type of IP PBX. Your choices are hosted, an appliance or software based.

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About incovo

incovo is a business communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost-effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever-changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

incovo business communications: Profile – Helpdesk Manager, Lisa Lang

incovo business communications


Business communications specialists incovo take on a new Support Desk Manager to strengthen their commitment to excellent customer service


Support Desk Manager Lisa Lang was taken on in the last quarter of 2015 as incovo sought to continue their commitment to improving the customer service that helps set incovo apart from their peers. Lisa has been in the job a a little while now and has gotten her feet under the table so to speak and we have taken the time to ask her about her initial experiences with incovo and their customers and how she is finding the role with one of Scotland’s leading business communications providers.

Tell us about your education and how you came to work in ICT.

After leaving school I attended college to do communications and languages.  I fell into ICT through doing administration work which led me into this industry.

Why did you choose to join incovo over other companies?

Incovo offered me a position in which I felt confident that I could achieve my full potential and enjoy the role expected of me. When I went for my interview the way they spoke about the company and their desire to really build a first class customer experience, I knew that they were a good company to work for.

Describe a typical day for you.

My day consists of overseeing our support desk, ensuring our engineers have a full schedule and assigning jobs to each of them. Maintaining a good rapport  with our clients whilst logging any faults our issues.  Updating all information and making sure the team is happy.

Help Desk work is quite varied and whilst it’s mostly troubleshooting ICT issues and admin work, an integral part of the job is having good people skills and the ability to interact with employees on different issues. There’s also a fair amount of detective work required to get to the root of a problem!

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

International food critic, can think of nothing better than sampling fine food and wine all day in beautiful countries!

What do you like to do with your free time outside of the office?

I like to spend time with my family.  I like dining out and I love to read.

If you were to go back in time, would you still make the same career choices?

If I were to go back in time I would have concentrated more on education to open up more career choices.

What makes incovo stand out from the competitors?

For me its, the staff. There is a lot of effort and emphasis on training and personal development here and that is reflected in their emphasis on the customer service within the business. I believe our customers can see this and benefit from it.

What do you like most about working at incovo?

The Team.

Would you recommend working for incovo?

Yes I would! We have a good team made of different personalities but there is an emphasis on a good, positive atmosphere which really helps both the team and the individual staff. I know the company is expanding and looking to bring on more quality personnel so I am excited to see how the company progresses over the next 12 months.

About incovo

incovo is a business communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

Business Telecoms Security: Telecoms Fraud Warning

Business Telecoms Security

Business Telecoms Security: Telecoms Fraud Warning

As one of Scotland’s leading ICT specialist technology integrators, incovo are increasingly aware of the rise of telecommunications fraud, especially at this time of year. Nefarious criminals are increasingly sneaky and constantly finding new ways to be devious and con businesses out of money so it is because of this that we advise all of our customers to remain vigilant over this festive period. Our Business Telecoms Security experts have highlighted two of the newer scams that we have been made aware of, so please beware of the opportunistic scammers.

Fake divert request

It has been brought to our attention that fraudsters have been posing as end users to place diverts on lines sometimes reporting bogus faults. In some cases we have heard of a well-spoken individual by the name of “James” called in on a withheld CLI to log a fault due to a power surge and asked for a divert to a mobile number.

Whilst these have been avoided so far it is worth re-emphasising the need to be vigilant and carry out data validation checks that only your customer will know the answer to.  All instances need to be reported to us and you need to ask your affected customers to report the occurrence to the incovo helpdesk. This way we stand a better chance of catching those involved in fraud attempts.

Mobile fraud warning

Another potential attempt to defraud that we have heard of over the last few weeks, is a number fraudulent requests for high-end smartphones on new contracts. The methods used by the fraudsters follow a similar pattern and we would encourage you all be aware of the following.

The fraudsters use valid company details and often valid bank details, which allow them to pass credit checks and obtain smartphones and other telecom services on contract.

The smartphones requested are typically 8 or 9 x Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, connected on new numbers on O2 Small Biz or Vodafone Red tariffs with a large data allowance.

In some cases, the ‘cloned’ company has no online presence and the fraudsters create a website and email addresses using the details from Companies House. In some cases the contact and business details change or there is a last minute change of delivery address. Locations include, but may not be limited to, West Midlands, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.

We urge you and your staff to remain vigilant to these methods and to carry out full credit checks before providing services. Remember to validate the company details by contacting the business using alternative contact details found on Companies House or social media. Do not rely solely on information provided by the company making the enquiry.

Telephone System Security CTA






If in doubt, get in touch with our Business Telecoms Security Experts

These are two of the newer ways we have been made aware of but if you have any other concerns or suspicions then we advise that you contact the incovo helpdesk for further guidance from our Business Telecoms Security experts.

About incovo

incovo is a communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

Avaya and VMware partner together for enterprise cloud solutions

VMware avaya collaboration

Last week Avaya announced the availability of the first enterprise-class hybrid cloud services for customer and team engagement. The engagement software-as-a-service offerings leverage the VMware vCloud® Air™ platform to deliver a flexible approach to implementing enterprise communications solutions that seamlessly bridge private and public clouds. Avaya Hybrid Engagement as a Service includes Avaya Engagement Solutions and the required VMware vCloud Air resources to host the solution in a usage-based model.

“This new set of cloud services from Avaya provides additional flexibility and cost efficiency to enterprise customers who want to take advantage of a public cloud model for our customer and team engagement solutions,” said Joe Manuele, vice president, SI/SP, Alliances and Cloud, Avaya. “Avaya and VMware provide a services solution that extends strategic investments in private cloud unified- communications and contact- centre applications with the flexibility and reliability of a leading public- cloud platform.”

“Avaya customer and team engagement applications running on VMware vCloud Air will provide enterprise customers the ability to get great value from their existing investment in communications solutions,” said Ajay Patel, vice president, Application Services, vCloud Air, VMware. “VMware vCloud Air becomes a seamless extension of an enterprise customer’s private cloud, allowing critical applications to be moved between cloud environments, and delivering on the operational, technical and licensing requirements of enterprise customers.”

Avaya Hybrid Engagement as a Service will support customers whose cloud strategies fall into the following scenarios:

  • Enacting a phased migration to a public- cloud model while still leveraging investments in solutions they have on premises
  • Maintaining a mixed environment with some applications delivered via public cloud while others are kept in a private cloud or on their premises
  • Expanding existing operations into new markets to support new facilities.

The Avaya Hybrid Engagement as a Service will be provided through a network of Avaya’s channel partners that have made commitments to build capabilities and can deliver these new Avaya cloud services.

The new Avaya Hybrid Engagement as a Service on VMware vCloud Air will help our customers’ transition toward a public cloud delivery model, while retaining the value of current investments and expertise in Avaya engagement solutions.

This new offer advances Avaya’s ongoing commitment to deliver increased value to customers by providing them with new enterprise cloud solutions delivered through Avaya’s extensive channel partner network. In addition to the agreement with VMware, Avaya is working with telecommunications providers globally to provide the necessary SIP trunking services for this cloud service.

A Quick Guide to the 0845 and 0870 (non-geographic numbers) number changes

0845 & 0870 non geographical numbers

Recently Ofcom announced changes in the rules governing charges for non-geographic numbers (050, 08, 09, 116 and 118) in order to promote better price transparency for consumers. These are set to come into force on 26th June 2015.

The main changes are:

Calls to 080 and 116 numbers will be free from both fixed and mobile telephones

The big change here is that calls to Freephone numbers from mobiles, which can currently cost up to 35p per minute, will become free of charge. The cost of these calls will be picked up by the called party.

This could see a considerable increase in your phone bills if you are operating 0800 or 0808 Freephone numbers.

A new ‘unbundled tariff’ structure will be introduced to numbers beginning with 084, 087, 09 or 118

Call charges for these numbers will be separated into an access charge set by the company originating the call, plus a service charge set by the phone company terminating the call.

The main change for our customers operating these numbers is that they will be required to specify their service charge wherever they advertise or communicate the number. This service charge will be the same across all phone networks.

The access charge, however, can be different depending upon the company originating the call. This access charge must be made clear to users by the companies concerned and is not the responsibility of the called party. This must be a pence per minute figure and no connection charge can apply.

This change will also see 0845 ranges being aligned to the 084x and 0870 ranges aligned to the 087x service charge price points.

This change applies to calls made from consumer fixed and mobile phones and does not necessarily affect calls made from business phones, although it will depend upon your network operator.

Important rephrasing of advising of call costs

Currently when advertising an 0844 number (for instance) you might state: calls will cost 5p per minute from a BT landline, calls from other operators and mobile providers may vary and will be charged at their standard rates.

In the future this should be changed to: This calls costs 5p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

Maximum Service Charge Costs

From June 2015 084 and 087 numbers will have a maximum service charge. This will be 7p per minute for 084 and 13p per minute for 087 but there will be a number of price points below these maximum figures.

If you currently have non-geographic numbers with incovo and want to discuss how these changes will affect you please get in touch.

About incovo

With a proven track record of building comprehensive telecommunications solutions using state of art technologies and services, incovo can help you secure significant cost reductions and flexibility without compromising your competitive advantage.

As an expert in the field, incovo is committed to helping you succeed – not just meeting today’s communication challenges but preparing you for tomorrow with solutions that can be scaled, adapted or migrated as your organisation changes.

Based in West Lothian, incovo offer competitive lines and calls packages built upon a strategic relationship with leading telephony providers across the UK, guaranteeing service quality and availability. This is complemented by customer-focused services including dedicated Account Management and 24/7 Customer Support.

With access to an industry-leading portfolio of telecoms products and services, we are able to help customers reduce business telephony costs or generate revenue through non-geographic or premium rate services.

The Avaya 9600 Series Phone Overview

Avaya 9600 phone series

The Avaya 9600 Series Phone Overview

Avaya one-X Deskphone is part of Avaya’s next-generation IP telephones that deliver unique communications experience, with the Avaya 9600 range being the premier offering in the set.

Avaya maintains that this phone is “Created by users for users”, the Avaya one-X Deskphone family features an intuitive user interface, with enhanced high-fidelity audio. It provides much greater enhancements in headset audio.

The 9600 IP Sets are built with future growth and enhancement in mind, with many modular add-ons that can be included as they are needed, protecting investments and leading to improved total cost of ownership.

9600 & Green Efficiency

The Avaya 9600 portfolio provides new levels of power efficiency including PoE Class One models that includes integrated gigabit and a colour screen, these new features do not sacrifice power – All the new models consume even less power when not being used.

9600 – Support SIP or H323?

Both. 9600-series IP Deskphones are signalling protocol independent with two telephony applications, Avaya one-X® Deskphone H.323 and Avaya one-X® Deskphone SIP, that support H.323 or SIP respectively

9600 – Addressing User Requirements

Avaya has done their research, the 9600 series phones are address and are marketed towards the following users:

Walk-Up User: e.g., visitors in an office lobby, waiting room or store who are using a particular phone for the first time; they need a phone that is intuitive and easy-to-use from the very first encounter.

Everyday Users: require a phone as one of several tools; phone calls are part of their job, but everyday users also handle email, instant messages and face-to-face meetings.

Essential Users: are on the phone constantly; they rely on their phones to keep them connected wherever they are.

Navigators: are individuals who answer phones and manage calls for themselves and for groups of people as a big part of their jobs; they require easy many call appearances quickly and easily.


The 9608 and 9611G are targeted at the Everyday User. They provide a more traditional user experience with dual LEDs on either side of the graphical displays. These deskphones are ideal for customers who are migrating from a traditional digital environment and desire to move to IP with minimal change. The 9608 has a monochrome display and the 9611G has a colour display.

Both models are power over Ethernet Class 1 and they support wideband audio with the G.722 codec. The 9608 and 9611G include support for a new 2 x 12 button module on which features, speed dials, bridged or individual call appearances can be programmed. The current 24 button module is also supported on both deskphones. The 9611G includes a USB interface.

9621G and 9641G

The 9621G and 9641G are both colour touch screen models. The 9621G and 9641G are targeted at Essential users who rely on the phone for business communications or those users that can benefit from tighter and easier access to a wider range of Avaya applications such as Meeting Exchange or Modular Messaging.

The 9621G and 9641G are both PoE Class 2 delivery low power requirements. The 9641G is the first IP Deskphone that can provide Gigabit Ethernet, a colour screen AND a button module while consuming only PoE Class two power. The 9641G can be used with the new 2 x 12 button module and the original 24 button version. A maximum of three button modules can be connected at one time. The 9641G also includes a USB interface (v2.0).


The Avaya 9670G IP Deskphone is designed for “essential” users, who is on the phone much of the time and consider the telephone a vital tool and who demands maximum ease of use. The 9670G features a 6.5 inch colour VGA touch screen for one touch access to contacts, information, and applications. The interface has been designed specifically for touch-based navigation, including a home screen with access to favourite contacts; embedded applications such as weather, world time, and a calculator; support for custom web applications; access to an on-screen QWERTY keyboard; and context sensitive navigation of telephone features. The audio experience carries forward the wideband audio found on other 9600 series phones and includes integrated Bluetooth to allow the user to use a headset without the need for an additional adapter. The 9670G is a PoE Class 2 device and comes equipped with integrated Gigabit Ethernet.


Avaya IP phones solutions in Scotland

Here at incovo, we are a preferred partner of Avaya and have been supplying, installing and maintaining Avaya phone systems for over a decade to businesses, schools and other organisations of all sizes. Based in central Scotland, incovo offer a comprehensive range of solutions packages depending on your requirements at affordable, reasonable prices, making us the ideal choice. For further information on IP phones, the Avaya 9600 series or business telephone systems then contact incovo today.

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Avaya and HP Enterprise Services join together to offer cloud-based unified communications

Avaya-LogoAvaya and HP Enterprise Services has announced a multi-year agreement to offer cloud-based unified communications and contact center technology, and management solutions for enterprises.

Together, the companies will sell a combined portfolio of Unified Communications-as-a-Service, Contact Center-as-a-Service, and infrastructure modernization services.

The Avaya-HP agreement addresses growing global demand for comprehensive, secure, reliable business collaboration solutions, delivered as a service. HP ES will resell the as-a-Service offerings and in parallel, Avaya has the benefit of increased scale enabled by HP’s highly flexible deployment models to quickly reach more customers and help simplify and transform business communications.

As part of the agreement, the HP ES Business Process Services organization will assume service delivery of a significant portion of Avaya Private Cloud Services (APCS), including a limited transfer of APCS employees and contractors to HP ES. These services will be integrated into HP ES’s existing Mobility and Workplace and Business Process Services practices and partner eco-systems to deliver private and hybrid cloud-based unified communications and contact center solutions to existing and future customers.

Sales contracts, service level agreements, and overall client experience will remain with Avaya. HP ES will augment and amplify APCS by extending services to more customers, in more markets, with the speed and service performance needed to help grow demand for cloud-based solutions.

This agreement marks another major step in Avaya’s transformation to a software and services company. HP Helion solutions will become a cornerstone of Avaya’s cloud offerings deployed in HP’s global infrastructure.


Original story taken from Comms Business

Smartphones doubling as desk phone – introducing the Avaya E169 Media Station

Avaya Launches E169 Media Station, Linking Smartphones and Tablets with Desk Phone

Avaya E169-Media-Station

Following previous articles where we had looked at the rise of distributed enterprise, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the rise of the softphone, we’ve decided to review the new Avaya solution that looks at servicing all of these communication trends.

We’ve commented on the rise of the mobile workforce as a growing trend in commerce and this solution from Avaya is designed specifically with that in mind. Until a fully established fixed mobile convergence solution is present in the market, the E169 serves to help bridge that gap by acting as a midpoint between fixed and mobile comms.

Typically, some non-office based staff will have a natural preference for their mobile device, given their predominate use on the road – it is the life blood of business nomad. But when these workers come back into the office they normally revert back to using the ‘hard phone’ either for better voice clarity or because they don’t want to sit at their desk on their mobile phone wasting battery power. This is where the new E169 Media Station comes in to play.

One of the best features of the E169 is the ability to be used intuitively for hotdesking scenarios, with programmable functions that determine how long a device’s identity is active on the portal. The bay also includes a handset that makes the station more like a traditional hardphone and comes with a companion app that allows for full customisation and programming to configure the settings.

When docked, the E169 acts as a crucial charging port for the mobile or tablet device

  • Standard SIP deskphone with ability to dock mobile devices
  • Basic call handling: Transfer, hold, forward, mute, conference
  • Premium acoustic performance with six speakers and 4 dynamic mics
  • Full numeric keypad, bluetooth pairing (IOS & Android), and more!

Alternatively you can use the E169 Media station as a Bluetooth audio device for existing Avaya mobile apps including the Avaya Flare Experience and One-X Mobile. It offers superior sound quality over and above your standard mobile phone and its speaker phone is one of the best on the market featuring beam forming spatial audio, 4 dynamic echo-cancelling microphones, 6 high-performance speakers and a downward firing subwoofer.

The Avaya E169 Media Station is available now and comes with really great initial features with many more advanced features planned in future firmware updates. A smaller ‘mid-range’ device called the E159 is also due to be released in August with more details to follow.

For more information on this or any other Avaya product, or if you would like to view a demonstration then please contact us today.

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Insight into corporate collaboration: the rise of enabling technology

Collaboration is transforming the way millions of people work across the globe.

The revolutionary impact that new and emerging technology is having modern businesses is apparent but to what extent? A recent study by Avaya brought some of the world’s top collaboration and unified communications experts together for 2 live tweetchat events – supported by a new research study. These are just some of the eye-opening findings and topics they discussed.

How are organisations collaborating?

Video Collaboration


67% of organisations are currently collaborating using video conferencing. 

It offers anywhere, anytime communication to speed decision making and accelerate time to market. 


PC based video collaboration


72% of these businesses are using PC-based video conferencing. 

But, these don’t always fit with an enterprise’s needs, such as security and bandwidth demands. 


Executive Use


24% say that their video conferencing suite is only for executive use. 

But, to fully reap the productivity, efficiency, and cost benefits of collaboration, it needs to be ubiquitous and open to everybody. 


Source: Spiceworks Voice of IT panel held June 2014 comprising 174 respondents in EMEA & APAC.


Making work more efficient, flexible and productive

When asked how collaboration tools made their and their employees’ jobs easier:
Home working
62% of enterprises say collaboration enables them to work effectively from home – resulting in lower transport costs, greater employee satisfaction, and higher retention rates. 
dispersed locations
60% of organisations say collaboration helps share information across dispersed locations – sharing documents, getting instant feedback, and keeping in touch via instant messaging and virtual face-to-face meetings.
37% of employees replied that they can work anywhere, anytime using collaboration – increasing productivity, accelerating decision-making, and increasing responsiveness.
talent recruit
26% of teams have noted that being virtual allows them to recruit the best talent from around the world – fueling idea generation and helping them get ahead of the competition.

Getting collaboration right

To get collaboration right, you need a solution that meets the needs of everybody across your organisation.

  • Does it offer tools to meet most people’s needs?
  • Will your entire organisation be able to access it in the office  and on the go?
  • Can it be used on any device, anywhere?
  • Can it meet your enterprise-grade security needs?
  • Can it be integrated with your existing IT infrastructure?

If a solution ticks all of those boxes, it should be well suited to help you be more productive, make faster, smarter decisions, and increase efficiency enterprisewide – which translates into improved ROI and better bottom line results.

To find out more about collaborative business solutions/corporate collaboration then contact incovo today.
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90,000 premises to benefit from new digital Scotland broadband rollout

OF4 by Karen CC BY-SA













A recent announcement from the Scottish Government has boosted Scotland’s superfast broadband ambitions to deliver world class connectivity by 2020, enabling people across Scotland to connect any time, any place, anywhere using any device.

The new comes part of the Scottish Government’s initiative: The Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme which has already hooked up some 55,000 premises thus far. The overall target is to have over 750,000 homes and businesses to be connected with an aim of combined coverage throughout Scotland to reach 95% by 2017/18.

New areas that will benefit from the latest rollout include Macduff, Glasmis, Kirkwall, Annan, Kinglassie and Portmahomack among many others. A full list can be seen here.

The partnership programme is in addition to BT’s £2.5bn UK commercial rollout, which will bring faster fibre broadband within reach of more than 1.4 million Scottish homes and businesses, with more than 1.2 million premises already passed.


Photography: OF4 by Karen CC BY-SA