The importance of having reliable telecom support

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incovo support

incovo support

Regardless of your industry, nearly all are dependent on communication through a telephone network, especially for new business inquiries and having an unreliable platform can have severe consequences on business performance. Undoubtedly, telephones have come a long way in the last 30 years and the advancement in technologies and applications has resulted in greater reach, reliability, quality of service, efficiency and functionality however, this has resulted in greater complexity.

The evolution of telecommunications has come a long way from being a means to communicate just voice and now incorporates image and messaging technologies, having now entered in earnest the era of digital networking. It is important to understand voice, data and LAN technologies because all are fast becoming part of telecommunications in the era of convergence. Convergence merges voice, video, image and data over one network connection, with most modern phone devices include advanced functions and tools that support work functions and job activities.

The continual development of new technologies is creating new opportunities for efficiency and collaboration and those that embrace these are well positioned to assure an organisation’s competitive edge. So with all the new feature-rich technology, it is important that it is correctly set-up and maintained to ensure a correctly functioning telecoms network. The coverage and terms will depend on the SLA but the benefits for those supported under a fully implemented and comprehensive support package typically include:

  • A singular point of contact
  • Software upgrades
  • Infrastructure changes – Moves, adds and changes
  • Faulty equipment replacements
  • On-site and remote support
  • Dispute resolution – 3rd party supplier disputes can be independently qualified

The best support programmes will be underpinned with a team of in-house, fully accredited support and maintenance engineers. Similarly, the better support services will come with guarantees of spare stockholdings to ensure compliance with the pre-determined SLA.

Additional services that are sometimes offered by top support agencies include :

Service history reporting can also be provided whereby reports will be prepared by engineering team detailing all reported faults, the logged history for these faults, as well as rectification codes and fix descriptions. These reports can be invaluable in detecting ongoing problems or recurring issues that may otherwise go undetected. From this, long-term analysis can be performed and potential recommendations can be made on further fine-tuning.

Preventative diagnostics checks can also be provided whereby a specialist engineer will remotely connect to a customer’s phone system on an agreed schedule and run a set of non-intrusive diagnostic applications. These will include monitoring the system’s alarm logs and conducting a routine check of the associated management system. A report is usually compiled detailing any findings and recommendations. These preventative diagnostics are an attempt to provide greater peace of mind to customers who are heavily reliant on their communications infrastructure and need to ensure maximum uptime as a key priority.

 As a business, you need to ask yourself if you can afford long periods of downtime or the cost to have an emergency engineer in to repair your systems.

The implications of not maintaining your network:

  • Downtime – You could experience long periods of downtime that will affect your business financially and could lose you valuable customers.
  • Increased costs – Trying to source a network engineer to resolve your problem urgently is likely to cost a considerable amount of time and money. Not to mention the increased costs due to downtime.
  • Unqualified engineers – To save costs you may be tempted to go with the cheapest option, which could result in an unqualified or regulated engineer doing permanent damage to your network.
  • Employees – It is more than likely that whilst your network is down, your employees may be unable to work. However, you will be expected to pay their wages still.

incovo offer a top class maintenance and support service for Avaya IP Office and IP500 business phone systems and provide fully accredited maintenance services, support, components, handsets and peripherals for the following Avaya phone systems. To find out more please visit incovo support or contact us today

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Sean Lightheart

Sean Lightheart

Marketing Executive at incovo
Sean is a Marketing Executive at incovo, a leading ICT company based in central Scotland. He is interested in technology, specifically next generation applications and looks to embrace smarter living through technology.
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