Konica Minolta introduce the bizhub 758 and bizhub 958 to their Multifunctional Device range

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bizhub 758

New Konica Minolta 8 Series Bizhubs – Bizhub 758 and Bizhub Pro 958

Leading  digital production printing solutions manufacturer Konica Minolta, have added two new multifunctional devices to their range of printing systems and solutions with the introduction of the Bizhub 758 and Bizhub Pro 958. The Bizhub 758 is the latest monochrome Multifunctional Device (MFD) and is part of the new 8 series machines that features some of the improved customisations opportunities on the control panel and a new NFC panel for better mobile connectivity. The new Bizhub 758 has been brought into replace the Bizhub 754e and Pro 754e and is designed to meet the demands of high-volume Print Offices or in-house printing departments with the highest requirements for productivity and reliability.

Impressive Speed – Bizhub 758

The Bizhub 758 has made improvements with it’s environmental performance on that of its predecessors with the lowest typical weekly electricity consumption (TEC) value in its class. incovo Print Engineer Chris Thomas, was invited to preview the new machines recently at a dealer event and had the following observations on the Bizhub 758 – “My first thoughts on the new Bizhub is that it would offer high flexibility, and could be used for any kind of business process and would probably enable users to boost their productivity. Especially in offices where a high efficiency, reliability and quality are demanded, this device is the perfect choice for the production of a variety of documents.

“From a technical perspective,  the recently developed high capacity dualscan document feeder simplifies scanning of large volumes and increases productivity, while the advanced sensing technology of the Bizhub 758 reduces feeding errors and paper jams. One feature that caught my eye was the paper size measurement function, there is no need to spend time checking paper size manually as this is now done automatically, which would minimise errors encountered for users. I can already think of a few clients that would be interested in seeing this machine’s improved capabilities.”

Additionally, Konica Minolta have also announced the impending arrival of the forthcoming Bizhub Pro 958 which is due for arrival later on this month (July, 2016). Another MFD from the 8 Series, the Bizhub Pro 958 will have a strong focus on speed as it offers a 95ppm (Pages Per Minute) MFD ,which is ideal for the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD) market for whom the Production Print range would have been too highly specified. As a simple rule-of-thumb, if a machine is doing over 80k per month, the bizhub Pro 1100 would be a more suitable device. Furthermore, the Z-fold can now be fully integrated into the finisher reducing the overall footprint and the scanner can now take 300 pages and can scan up to 240 images per minute. These improvements make the device even more suitable for central reprographic departments (CRD) and high volume document workflow than its predecessor.

To find out more about the Bizhub 758 or Bizhub Pro 958 then contact incovo today.

Bizhub 758 CTA

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Sean Lightheart

Sean Lightheart

Marketing Executive at incovo
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