SME Contact Centre Solutions: Which one is right for us?

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Contact Centre Solutions: Choosing a solution based upon your requirements

As an Avaya accredited solutions partner, we at incovo are often asked about Contact Centre Solutions for midsized business in Scotland and today we are going to breakdown the difference between Avaya’s two main mid-market Contact Centre solutions: Avaya IP Office Contact Centre (IPOCC) and Avaya Contact Centre Select (ACCS).

With nearly 6000 UK contact centres, responsible for employing 734,000 contact centre agents, the UK Contact Centre industry was an growth industry in recent years (2011-2013). These numbers suggest that companies spanning different industries are realising the importance of providing top notch customer support and expanding their contact centers to better meet their customer’s needs.

In the digital age, more people are leaning to alternative ways of interacting with customers outside of calls. For example, web chat rates have picked up considerably over the last few years, and they are predicted to grow by a further 24% by 2018. Further to this, in 2014, 16.4% of inbound call centre interaction was carried out via email, suggesting that other ways of communicating are taking favour. To that end, solutions specialists and technology partners have responded in kind with more robust, multichannel solutions for the SME market in the form of IPOCC and ACCS.

Here are the fundamental details of each system:

FeatureIP Office Contact CentreAvaya Contact Centre Select
Primary FunctionSupporting the businessKey to the business
Number of Users5 to 30 (IP500 V2) or 250 agents (Server Edition)10 to 250 agents
Suitability based on agents/business ratioTypically for companies where 10% to 20% of employees are contact centre agentsTypically for companies where 30%+ of employees are contact centre agents
System Management responsibilitiesSome IT communications knowledge is required, but the end customer will most likely rely on consultants or a trusted local partnerWill be typically managed by CIOs and tech savvy experts most likely familiar with contact centre solutions and database integration
System FunctionalitySimplicityFeature richness
Channel Response OptionsVoice centric with multichannel:
voice, email, web chat
Blended multichannel:
voice, email, web chat, text, fax
Languages SupportedEnglish onlyG-14 languages
Outgoing Calling FunctionsPreview, progressive outbound callingPreview, progressive outbound calling
Workforce OptionsLocal or remote agentsLocal or remote agents
Call Routing OptionsSkills-based routingSkills-based routing
Supervisory Roles AvailableSupervisorsSupervisors
ReportingReporting (real-time and historical)Reporting (real-time and historical)
Routing ConfigurationsDatabase directed routingDatabase directed routing
Call Monitoring FunctionsCall recordingCall recording

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In a nutshell, for a SME who is thinking in the direction of deploying in-house Contact Center to further their business prospects, Avaya’s offer is an excellent proposition. The Avaya IPOCC is designed to drive SMEs towards building a strong foundation of customer satisfaction and loyalty and a lifetime value by offering high-quality individual attention to each customer.

Furthermore, Avaya recently announced the new OnAvaya™ cloud-based contact center solution, built exclusively on Google Cloud Platform This new solution provides a low-cost solution that allows customer service agents to work from anywhere, right in the browser. This new solution also does not use VPN, but instead utilizes HTTPS to establish a secure connection between the app and Avaya Secure Border Controller Element, software that verifies access to the database and routes relevant traffic to and from the app. Interactions inside the app are handled by WebRTC, an emerging Web standard that we’re strong supporters of.

The new OnAvaya has just been released in the USA and is due for release in Europe later this year/early next year and promises to add greater flexibility to the range of Contact Centre solutions already available.

To find out more about Contact Centre Solutions for SMEs in Scotland, please visit our website for further information

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incovo is a communications technology integrator of category leading unified communications, infrastructure, integrated network solutions and document management solutions to small and mid-sized organisations throughout the UK. Our focus is creating dependable, cost effective business communications solutions for businesses that ensure a variety of methods of collaboration to meet the ever changing market conditions.

At incovo, we provide fast and effective support to all of our customers through our multichannel support network – allowing our customers to feel the benefits of compelling solutions that will enable their businesses to grow, tailored to their needs.

Sean Lightheart

Sean Lightheart

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