incovo Insight: Review of the Polycom VVX Models of VoIP Phones

VoIP Phone Reviews: VVX 300, VVX 400, VVX500 & VVX600

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The take up of Hosted Telephone Systems has been pretty significant for incovo over the last 12 months and following our certification from technology partner Gamma, we have been able to design and implement a number of cloud telecoms solutions. One of the leading handset solutions out their for these IP PBX systems is the Polycom VoIP phones handsets and has proven to be a popular choice, especially given that incovo is running a free handsets promotion for new customers. However, the quality of the handsets themselves has been one of the main drivers for the positive feedback we’ve received for these handsets and given our experience with them, we’d have to agree that Polycom’s range is feature rich and very user-friendly.

With this in mind, we have produced this review of their handsets to help illustrate why incovo thinks you should consider these when looking at a hosted phone system for your small or mid-sized business. We have looked at the following handsets: Polycom VVX300, VVX400, VVX500 & VVX600.


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First impressions of Polycom VVX VoIP Phones

Polycom are probably best known for their bridge conference phones but they have also spent a lot of effort transferring this quality to their VoIP phones with their best-in-class speakerphone and HD voice clarity. All of the models were backlit with colour screens with the exception of the entry level VVX 300 which has a greyscale screen. Since the last series of Polycom phones, they have upgraded the number of lines available for all to make/receive calls and save the remainder for speed dials from 2 or 3 to the minimum of 6 for the VVX300, 12 lines for the VVX400&500 and 16 for the VVX600.

The two higher end models (VVX 500 & 600) have touch screens and also have the ability to take personalised screensavers and backgrounds via the USB port or through the web configuration utility.


The VVX300 and 400 models come with 100mb ports as standard which allows for shared ethernet connection with your computer. VVX310 and 410 to have dual gigabit ports so your phone will not be a bottleneck when passing large files over your network. The VVX500 and 600 come with standard, dual gigabit ports. Finally, the VVX600 model will allow for a Blue Tooth headset pairing.

VoIP Phones: cool features

Asides from the standard features such as call forwarding, call transferring, three-way conferencing, do not disturb, directories, and voicemail – the VVX500 and 600, you can attach a zip drive and record calls. The display will show you how many hours of recording you have available on the drive. All models allow you to integrate the phone with your computer’s mouse and keyboard, allowing for a mouse over and click to dial from your favorites or directory. Additionally, these models will integrate with your Outlook Exchange calendars, providing you a view of your calendar from your phone, and dialing from the calendar for conference calls.

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Overall, all the Polycom VoIP phones were all very usable and look nice and feature-rich with the two entry-level phones proving to be very popular with customers in the small and medium-sized market space. The VVX 500 & 600 are higher-end models and as such are typically more for executive level or those with additional feature requirements such as the USB port, allowing for recording of calls right from the phone as well as personalized screen savers and background pictures.

The VVX300 and VVX400 phones are easy to use and intuitive for the user who may be new to VoIP. Both the VVX300 and 400 models have hard buttons next to the line appearance/BLF that change colour when in use. These present a similar user experience to other VoIP phones. We found it easier to transfer / dial utilising the hard buttons versus the touch screens of the higher end models, likely due to our previous familiarity with physical buttons. The menu scroll/select button is slightly cumbersome, and the touch screens of the higher-end models are superior in the scrolling/selecting functionality. The VVX300 and VVX400 phones are likely to be the choice for  general office deployment.

About incovo

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