Time to upgrade your phone system: 5 signs to signal an upgrade

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upgrade your phone system

Is it time you upgrade your phone system?

We are in an age where technology is a great enabler and the range of means to communicate is constantly evolving and improving all with with one primary intention: to improve the ease and quality of communication. By in large, this is case and but compared to their newer versions, older phone systems can be a bit of a nightmare, comparatively. If you are suffering from any of the forthcoming issues about to be detailed in this article, then it may well be worth your while investigating a little further the possibility of upgrading your phone system.

If you have had your phone system for 5 years or longer it is entirely possibly that you may find it more of a hindrance and it actually ends up consuming your time unnecessarily when trying to perform routine tasks such as organising a conference call or setting up new users. Here are five telltale signs that it’s time you upgraded your phone system.

1. Adding, removing or changing users from you system

Depending on what type of phone system you have, you may be restricted by the amount of users and phone numbers due to the capacity of phone lines and ports. Similarly, gaining the required increased capacity can also be quite costly, especially if hardware upgrades are required.

If you need to upgrade your phone system hardware whenever the business takes someone new on it’s time to weigh up the cost of upgrading against switching to a hosted VoIP phone system. Also with traditional providers it can take weeks to get new DDI numbers to assign to new employees. This should be something instantly available.

Hosted phone systems scale with ease, as they deliver your phone service via your broadband connection. So if the size of your team is changing or you just need to rearrange your existing setup, a hosted phone system allows you the flexibility to do this with ease.

2. You have separate business landlines and mobiles

Given that we live in a time where unified communications exist, it is still scary to think that a lot of business users still operate two completely separate phones (landline and mobile), voicemails, phone bills and numbers – none of which are connected! As the name suggests, unified communications does just that and creates a single account for your phones, wherever you are.

By integrating your landline and mobile together with a new phone system means:

  • Easy redirects from landline to your mobile when you’re out of office
  • Simultaneous dialing
  • Extension dialing from landline and mobile
  • One voicemail box for all your messages
  • One phone bill

3. You’re paying for a fax machine you rarely use

Remember Fax machines? Apparently a staggering 40% of you still use these antiquated machines as a means of communication, given that you need a phone line to operate one of these, you will be likely be paying at least £15 for one of these per month – not to mention that it will require physically maintained as well.

Thankfully though due to the rise of online faxing, which has become increasingly popular over the last number of years, traditional fax machines should slowly continue to fade into obscurity. Using VoIP, it’s easy to replace your existing fax machine and the costs that come with it by setting up a dedicated fax number and email address. It’s more secure than traditional machines with faxes coming directly to your inbox as a PDF rather than a paper tray in your office.

4. Conference calling is handled by a third party

Traditional phone lines have a limited number of parties that can be actively involved in a call at any one time. This does not lend itself to easily hosting a conference call.

Do you dread a contact asking to arrange a conference call because something that should be so simple can’t been done by your existing phone system? Do you ask if they can host the call conference or are you paying for a third party provider?

If the answer to either of those questions is yes, it’s time to move to a VoIP business phone system which includes call conferencing as standard.

5.  Your Office Has Multiple Locations

Long gone are the days where adding new offices or facilities would require their own physical phone systems which would require would result in a  drain, both financially and administratively as well as requiring someone with the necessary IT expertise available for both offices.

A cloud-based phone system has the capability of hosting several geographic locations for one overarching company.

If you think that it could be time for a new business phone system, get in touch now – call 0845 450 8400 or fill in this form and we will call you back!

Upgrade your phone system to a hosted system

upgrade your phone system


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Sean Lightheart

Sean Lightheart

Marketing Executive at incovo
Sean is a Marketing Executive at incovo, a leading ICT company based in central Scotland. He is interested in technology, specifically next generation applications and looks to embrace smarter living through technology.
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