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CS Remote Care provides state-of-the-art machine-to-machine communication (M2M) between bizhub output devices and incovo's print and imaging service desk.


With CS Remote Care, users benefit from outstanding levels of device monitoring: Using bidirectional communication channels, a

company’s multifunctional devices proactively make contact with incovo's print and imaging service desk, which in turn can pull

latest status information from connected devices. The remote connection relays all relevant system data in real time, advising the

service side of any routine maintenance or any other required intervention, for instance to rectify a technical problem.


Via the remote communication path it is possible to trigger automated services, such as the delivery of consumables, and to carry out tasks remotely, including services like firmware updates and device settings. Via a remote panel, guidance and instructions can be provided to end users.


The CS Remote Care concept is Konica Minolta’s guarantee for maximised system availability. Downtime of output devices can be minimised, productivity enhanced and routine maintenance planned in accordance with users’ work schedules.


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Key Features - Remote Care


Comprehensive monitoring: CSRC provides comprehensive monitoring of all connected devices. This covers the life cycle counters of components and consumables, generates status and error messages, etc, which can all be actioned by the service organisation.

Secure connection: The connection of output devices to the Konica Minolta service organisation via GPRS, GSM, e-mail, or HTTP(s) is secure; where of concern, the direct connection to the company network can be avoided using GPRS or GSM.

Automated Services

Direct counter reading: This function automatically relays all relevant data, including volume readings.

No need for manual service calls: Visits of service engineers are scheduled automatically and at suitable times; the service engineer will have access to all the relevant information before he visits any issues.

Automated consumables ordering: The supply management ensures timely delivery of consumables in the exact required quantities.


Efficient information transfer: Centralised monitoring ensures that all data are reliably transmitted to the service center where they are processed.

No installation: No complex installation procedures are required on the customer’s premises.

Device settings

Service menus: Remote settings are possible for selected service menus.

Remote firmware update: This can be organised remotely from the service center; the visit of a service engineer is not necessary.


Remote Care - How it works





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