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Session Border Controls prevent IP Phone attacks

Telephone System Security


Protect your network borders, secure any remote worker


Beyond your enterprise data network firewall, a critical component in delivering SIP-based communications is the device that secures your SIP and VoIP connectivity. Data network firewalls protect a variety of traffic types, however they are not application aware for SIP-based communications. Using a Session Border Controller for Enterprise provides a secure interface for SIP trunking and remote worker connectivity. With secure SIP connectivity you gain trunk and client protection, VPN-less remote worker integration, and easy-to-provision enterprise access management.


1. Remote Security for Any Employee, Any Device

Enterprise mobile collaboration needs to be easy to use without awkward restrictions or complicated procedures. Securely offer BYOD without requiring VPN connections, while supporting any mobile device.


2. Easy to Install, Simple to Provision

The benefits of SIP networking are only viable if you can easily integrate the solution. SIP access is achievable for your business, regardless of your size.


3. Multi-Tiered Networks

In multi-user environments, private can mean multiple-networks, even multi-national. Remove potential risks when outside contractors or support staffs are accessing your corporate network. Be confident that network-to-network communication is safe for your enterprise.

VoIP Security is Different


It is important to  proactively addresses unique issues that can occur when attacks are made against a VoIP network. Our unified solutions keep up with current threats—It is critical that suppliers continue to research and find remedies for new system vulnerabilities and the latest in hacker creativity.


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