Virtualised Business Communications

Defintion: Virtualisation refers to the creation of a virtual instance (rather than an actual) version of something, which in this case it is referring to IP Telephony. Recent enhancements to the technology infrastructure propagating the virtual machines, virtualised unified communications is now able to deliver services such as voicemail, unified messaging and real-time services, like call control, conferencing and call center applications.

Avaya Virtualised Solution

platform (virtual servers) delivering:

platform (virtual servers) delivering:


All progressive and forward-thinking ICT departments are looking to reduce overheads, maximise existing assets and minimise IT management and they are using virtualisation to do this. Virtualisation means a reduction in hardware and generates improvements in resiliency, reliability and availability.

Why choose a virtualisation based

communications solution?


Help reduce the number of physical servers by virtualising your infrastructure. This will allow for higher levels of resource utilisation and thus improving efficiency.


Given the scalability inherent with virtualisation, you are able to deploy resources for servers, computers and storage as demands dictate. New deployments and BYOD and UC are fully supported.

Energy Efficiency

Because each application no longer needs its own server, virtualisation significantly decreases the amount of hardware required an subsequent energy consumption. Adding virtual appliances for Unified Communications reduces your hardware footprint and energy usage.


The dynamic allocation of resources depending on requirements eliminate or mitigate unplanned outages. With first-class back-up and recovery functions, virtualisation allows improved productivity and greater up-time.


Simple and streamlined management of both the physical and virtual environments from a single access point. Time-saving features such as auto-deploy and dynamic patching reduce maintenance tasks substantially.

Faster Deployment

Virtualising your Unified Communications and Collaboration applications. When virtualised, these applications launch faster, and they make the network simpler, open, more flexible—yet reliable and secure.


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