Cloud Contact Centre

Your contact centre is essential to the success of your business because businesses are built on the experiences they provide.

A modern-day call centre with a multichannel approach can help any business create better customer service and make employees happier with effective collaboration.

incovo has been designing, installing and supporting large and complex contact centre solutions for over 18 years.

We use Avaya OneCloud and Genesys to build intelligent contact centres and have the ability to provide solutions for organisations that have 10+ to 4000+ agents.

Our team have a wealth of experience in implementing, managing and delivering leading technology solutions.

We design systems that allow you to not only refine your customer service but also increase efficiency and gain in-depth insight into your consumers’ behaviour and needs.

Our Full Contact Centre Products and Services

CCaas – Avaya OneCloud Contact Center as a Service is a powerful, hassle-free and flexible cloud-based product that aims to deliver a comprehensive, integrated and open CCaaS architecture with scalability and security.

Key benefits of CCaaS:

  • Remote working
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Team efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer service

CPaaS – Short for communications platform as a service enables organisations to focus on enriching customer communication channels by building and integrating apps with ease. Improve the quality of your communication by giving customers more options, reliability and accessibility.

CPaaS includes:

  • Messaging
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • WhatsApp
  • One-Click Google Contact Centre Al Integration
  • SIP integration
  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Text-to-speech
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Audio conferencing voice changer and background audio customisation

ACCS – Avaya Contact Center Select is a unique voice and multimedia contact centre solution for organisations that use Avaya IP office as their phone system. It enables small to midsize enterprises to optimise customer satisfaction and improve their team’s performance.

The platform’s unified agent desktop lets agents communicate efficiently and manage text, email, voice and more all from one place. It also includes management features that offer unified reporting with filtering options that make it extra easy to review performance and conduct reports.

WFO – Contact centres can use Avaya Workforce Optimisation to maximise their team’s performance to achieve the results they need. WFO provides insights through several features including: Contact Recording and Quality Monitoring, Workforce Management, Speech Analytics and Customer/Caller Feedback Surveys.

The modules enable call centres to provide a better and personalised customer experience by revealing process-related opportunities, points of failure and technology barriers.

Contact Centre Elite – Full featured CC solution that provides multichannel routing capabilities for call centres. It allows organisations to serve customers through their preferred channels and manage their call centre’s performance in real-time using the historical reporting insights.

The CC solution also includes all the right tools any agent needs to be more productive, responsive and collaborative to deliver superior customer experience.

Genesys Call Centre Software – A market leading cloud contact centre solution for small, medium and large sized businesses. It allows us to transform contact centres into an efficient all in one platform that makes customer experience easy. Agents can communicate easily with customers through voice and digital channels from anywhere on any device, via the Genesys application.

It provides powerful insights through its reporting and analytics features that offer real-time and historical reports that can help businesses improve their customer service.

Genesys includes:

  • Access to enabled IVR, voicebots and chatbots
  • Web chat
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Messaging apps and co-browse and screen share with customers
  • Voice services, inbound routing and outbound campaigns
  • Reporting and analytics features


On-site and Remote Training

You can rely on our Avaya and Genesys trainers for both remote and on-site training for agents, supervisors and back office/technical employees.

We use Microsoft Teams to deliver our remote training for up to 30 people and have whiteboard facility for diagrams and a Q&A section.

To provide you with a more hands on approach, we use a smart board and live demo for our on-site training for up to 15 people per session.

Why Choose Us As Your Contact Centre Provider?

incovo is a local Scotland-based provider with nearly two decades of experience in building, installing and maintaining some of Scotland’s largest phone systems and contact centres.

Read how incovo helped our 3500+ agent outsourcer client, KURA, here.