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Vital for any business.

Data loss can happen at anytime for a number of different reasons, and if your business is not prepared, the consequences can be devastating.

A staggering 80% of companies who experience severe data loss or theft will file for bankruptcy within 5 years.

Fires, flooding, hacks and data breaches can all threaten to wipe out your organisation’s critical data and leave you unable to function as a business.

Malware and data breaches are very real threats, and overlooking the possibility of these things happening could prove fatal to an organisation.

The Solution – Back Up Your Data

Backing up your company data is easier than ever in the digital age. Two of the most popular methods for storing your important information are:

  • Cloud-based backups – the data is stored on a network of servers connected to the web
  • Off-site backups – the data is stored on a collection of hard drives away from the premises

Data backups via the cloud have now become the go-to for companies and individuals alike, as data centres become more and more available. They enable people to store near unlimited data across servers all around the world, which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time.

Off-site backups involve transferring the company data to one or more hard drives that are securely stored away from the company’s location. These methods are now deemed an outdated and unsafe way to back-up and recover data.

Be Ready for Anything

The world is full of mishaps and uncertainty, but this does not mean that you have to fall prey to disaster.

Backing up your data ensures that your company is ready for anything, and when an unfortunate event does occur, you can bounce back and get your business back to normality as quickly as possible.

There are several backup services Glasgow businesses can choose from, however, no one goes as far as Incovo in ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

We ensure all data, no matter how important, is secure and accessible in the event of a disaster.

The incovo Data Backup Process

We pride ourselves on constantly reviewing our backup processes and adapting to specific company needs and processes.

We use Microsoft Azure, a cloud service which is hosted within Microsoft’s highly secure Data Centres.

Located globally and more locally in London and Cardiff you can be assured that your data is held safely and securely in a virtual vault with the ability to recover up to 5 years’ worth of data.

Some of the key aspects that are involved in our backup services are:

  • Microsoft Azure – all data is hosted within Microsoft’s highly secure Data Centres
  • Disaster recovery service disaster recovery plans available for smart implementation of data recovery
  • File sync and share – sync and share data from multiple locations and users
  • Snapshots of archives – see an overview of previous backups for up to 5 years worth of data
  • Data lifecycle management – free up irrelevant space and reduce costs by automatically deleting outdated backups

We have worked with small to medium-sized enterprises all the way up to large multi-national corporations, so we know how to handle data backup on any scale.

We make sure you understand what is happening with your data and what can be done to ensure maximum protection for you and your business.

If you have an urgent problem relating to backup or recovery, get in touch with our IT team on either or 0345 450 8400.

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