Data and Fibre Cabling

incovo is one of the leading suppliers and installers of data fibre cabling across Scotland.

We can supply and fit a range of data fibre cabling for your business. Cabling is a key component of data connectivity functions for businesses. Installing fibre can be arranged quickly with our dedicated team of cabling engineers.

Each of our cabling engineers is fully qualified and licensed to install data fibre cabling across a range of different facilities and business premises.

Whatever the size of your business premises, our cabling engineers can install and maintain data fibre cable to enhance and improve your data connectivity and infrastructure.

Data and Network Cabling

Businesses need varying types of data and network cabling depending on their business size and function. There is a wide range of different cables available which can be used to facilitate data connectivity.

Three of the most common types of cabling are:

  • Coaxial cables
  • Data fibre cables
  • Shielded or unshielded cables

In addition to the different types of cabling, these cables are also split into individual categories depending on the function they serve and the performance levels that they can deliver.

The main cabling categories are:

  • Category 5 – This is a twisted pair cable commonly used for standard computer networks within a business.
  • Category 6 – This type of cabling is for larger and more advanced businesses. It offers higher data speeds as well as increased bandwidth performance in addition to further signal range.

incovo can provide you with cabling services for both category 5 and category 6 cabling, in addition to data fibre cables. We understand the need for fast and effective data transfer. We provide specialist data fibre cable solutions for all types of business.

Benefits of Data Fibre Cabling

You can gain a range of key benefits for your IT infrastructure through the use of data fibre cabling. When compared with other forms of cabling, it leads the way in a variety of fields.

Improving your existing data cabling connectivity can lead to improved communication and network performance across your IT infrastructure.

When compared with alternative cabling options such as copper, fibre offers much-improved reliability features. Unlike copper, data fibre cabling is not adversely affected by weather and temperature changes. In addition, it also poses less of a fire hazard than old copper wiring.

Fibre Optic Cabling From incovo

Fibre optic cabling, also known as data fire cabling, is a type of network cable which can deliver enhanced network speeds and performance. The performance levels of this cable are much higher than most other forms of cabling.

We can install fibre optic cabling in a variety of work settings. Our staff are trained to install cabling at height, as well as within conventional settings.

Fibre optic cables perform their role by sending data across cables through glass and plastic fibres within the cabling. These cables can transmit data at up to 70% of the speed of light. These data connectivity speeds can transform a business’s data speeds and bandwidth.

By choosing incovo for your fibre optic installation, you can enjoy dedicated support and fast installation of high-quality fibre optic cabling.

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