Why cyber security awareness training is crucial

Why cyber security awareness training is crucial

Your cyber security is only as strong as your weakest link. So, whilst many businesses go to great lengths to protect their infrastructure, applications, network, cloud and IoT, there is one crucial element that should never be overlooked – your end-users.

Just one employee clicking insecure links and accessing unsafe websites could be all it takes to cause serious damage to your business. Loss of data, plus the time, money and resources needed to rectify the situation – if any of your employees are not cyber security aware, it could prove costly.

Read on as we reveal how the latest cyber security awareness training from Sophos can effectively reduce that risk and give you full peace of mind that your business is protected.

The threat is real
Everyday, businesses of all sizes and across all sectors are relentlessly targeted by cyber criminals. One line of attack is phishing emails which are increasingly common and increasingly sophisticated. These phishing emails can be incredibly convincing, encouraging recipients to click a link to visit a particular website and unwittingly download a virus.

According to Sophos, one of the leading names in cyber security, a staggering 41% of IT professionals report phishing attacks at least daily. So how can a business protect itself against such a huge and unrelenting problem?

The answer is cyber awareness training. Train all employees to recognise phishing warning signs and your business will be effectively protected by a human firewall against these threats.

Sophos Phish Threat
Sophos Phish Threat comprises interactive training modules highlighting up-to-the-minute phishing tactics such as suspicious emails, credential harvesting, password strength, and regulatory compliance.

The engaging training programme simulates over 500 realistic and challenging phishing attacks, then provides automated reporting on phishing and training results. The Phish Threat dashboard provides at-a-glance campaign results on user susceptibility, whilst drill-down reports give a deeper insight into performance at an organisational and even at an individual user level.

The very latest cyber security intelligence
The cyber security specialists at Sophos monitor millions of emails, URLs, files, and other data points every day. Thanks to this constant stream of intelligence, Sophos Phish Threat has been designed to reflect the very latest cyber threats.

What the experts say
incovo CEO, Chris Thomas, believes Sophos Phish Threat can be hugely beneficial for businesses everywhere. He comments; “Sophos Phish Threat is an invaluable tool for protecting businesses. It educates end-users and provides quality security awareness training, then it puts the end-users to the test by simulating realistic attacks. Crucially, it then provides actionable reporting metrics. Sophos Phish Threat is exactly the sort of programme businesses need to facilitate a positive security awareness culture.”

Contact incovo
Sophos Phish Threat, available through incovo, is an affordable way to protect your business, priced per user with bands from five to 5,000+. If you would like to find out more, call incovo on 0345 450 8400 or email presales@incovo.com to arrange a chat with one of our IT experts.