Cyber attacks in a pandemic: What you need to do to protect your business

Cyber attacks in a pandemic: What you need to do to protect your business

Last year saw many UK businesses pivot, adapt, or completely overhaul their way of working. The biggest change was of course the switch to remote working, with one in three UK workers now based exclusively at home. Staggeringly, one in five of these home workers has received absolutely no cyber-security training, according to a recent survey by legal firm Hayes Connor Solicitors. Quite frankly, this is a disaster waiting to happen!

Cyber attacks on remote workers are on the rise so the IT experts at incovo are urging employers to take all necessary precautions to protect their staff and their business.

Top three ways to protect your business from cyber attacks

  • Educate your team: Do your staff know what to look out for? Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated so teach them to be cyber savvy – ensure they think twice before they click a suspicious link, reply to an email about re-setting passwords, or inadvertently download a virus.
  • Supply your own equipment: When a staff member uses their own laptop at home, for example, there is nothing to stop other (less cyber savvy!) household members from using it, therefore putting your business at risk. By supplying a work laptop, you can ensure all software has been correctly installed and that all security controls are in place.
  • Report any problems right away: If the worst happens and your business comes under attack, make sure all staff know who to report a problem to immediately.

incovo recommends…

To keep your business safe, the IT experts at incovo recommend the Sophos Company Overview. Why? Because Sophos is named a global visionary for cyber security by Gartner Quadrant, no less! Sophos Central allows administrators (such as the IT team at incovo) to view your entire cyber security estate instantly and have visibility of security attacks, alerts, and reports. The stand-out USP is the self-learning neural network which basically pinpoints hack attacks, deciphers them, and enables the pros from the Sophos labs to create a prevention for them. It’s second-generation anti-virus which is exactly what modern businesses need to stay safe online.

Take it from the experts

incovo CEO, Chris Thomas, explains; ‘Sophos protects businesses from attacks, which often result in a ransom. Sophos also protects people from their personal data being leaked. Not all heroes wear capes! incovo is proud to be a Sophos partner and our IT experts are readily available to provide support to UK businesses’.

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