Cooper Bros

About Cooper Bros

Cooper Bros is an independent, family business that is committed to providing their customers with a comprehensive tyre supply and fitting service. With over 40 years of service, they have a large base of loyal, returning customers.

The Challenge

Cooper Bros were experiencing issues with their existing provider; it was a poor working relationship with minimum contact – the very opposite of what incovo stands for. Whilst they were already operating on an Avaya communications platform, they were unaware of its full range of capabilities and required guidance on how best to utilise it to its full potential. Cooper Bros were therefore looking to switch provider but it was imperative they did so with minimum hassle.

The Solution Detail

Right from the get-go, incovo set themselves apart from the competition by genuinely listening to Cooper Bros, gaining a full understanding of what they required, and responding quickly. incovo worked closely with Cooper Bros throughout the whole process and provided comprehensive guidance on how to get the most out their system.

Future-proofing was at the forefront of Cooper Bros requirements, so incovo successfully upgraded them to the latest Avaya IP Office solution which has an 18-year lifespan. This solution provided Cooper Bros with voicemail pro, call recording and reporting, allowing their management team access to sales team calls so they could actively improve productivity and efficiency.

incovo also installed the latest J100 series IP phones with SIP trunking to save on costs, and to avoid any future disruption resulting from the 2020 ISDN switch off. Their system also boasted active / standby system failover for added resiliency, so in the event that one system goes down, the other will take over, resulting in no loss of calls. These disaster recovery capabilities afforded Cooper Bros additional peace of mind.

The Solution Overview

incovo invested a substantial amount of time to fully understand Cooper Bros’ needs, and by carrying out multiple site visits and demonstrations, they were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues they were previously experiencing. They were then able to create an effective solution which has resulted in greater productivity and efficiency.

Value Created

Not only can Cooper Bros now enjoy all the benefits of a resilient phone system; from cost saving to increased productivity, they are now also reaping the rewards of a strong working relationship with incovo who, unlike their previous provider, have worked tirelessly to provide information, training and ongoing support when needed.

Cooper Bros


The Cooper Bros account is a stand-out example of what a difference effective communication with a telephony provider can make. incovo has worked hard to build a great rapport with the customer who now has direct access to a dedicated account manager and a team of expert engineers. Thanks to incovo, Cooper Bros now have a comprehensive understanding of their system, and as a result, have been able to cut costs and increase productivity.

Incovo took the time to really listen to us to understand what we really needed. This has made all the difference.

The call recording has been a real game-changer for us. We can now listen to the sales team and work with them to improve productivity and efficiency.

It’s reassuring to know that if we ever have questions, we can just pick up the phone and speak directly to our account manager. Our whole experience has been poles apart from our previous provider and we haven’t looked back since switching to Incovo!