Why every business needs Managed Threat Response

Why every business needs Managed Threat Response

Cyber attacks pose a non-stop 24-hour threat to your business. That means your devices, software, and data are at risk around the clock, even if your business hours are the standard 9am-5pm. Thankfully, protection is available in the form of Managed Threat Response (MTR). Read on to find out what this means and why it is proving to be an essential requirement in keeping businesses of all sizes and sectors safe online.

What is MTR?
MTR is a 24/7 service which continually searches for online threats. If and when they are detected, a team of cyber security experts can respond to them immediately – containing and neutralising them to prevent damage to your business.

Partners in protection
One of the best MTR services available is that by Sophos. In fact, MTR from Sophos was crowned the winner of the ‘Best Managed Security Services Offering’ award at the Channel Partner Insights Innovation Awards 2020.

incovo is a fully accredited Sophos partner, enjoying exclusive Silver status. We therefore have full access to their range of MTR services.

Machine-accelerated human response
Sophos MTR from incovo uses a combination of advanced analytics and threat intelligence, coupled with the knowledge of trained cybersecurity experts.

“Built on our Intercept X Advanced with EDR technology, Sophos MTR fuses machine learning technology and expert analysis for improved threat hunting and detection, deeper investigation of alerts, and targeted actions to eliminate threats with speed and precision.”

This fusion of Sophos’ consistently top-rated endpoint protection and intelligent EDR, with a world-class team of security experts results in what we call ‘Machine-accelerated human response’.

Responding to threats on your terms
Few businesses have the in-house capabilities to keep up to date with new and emerging online threats, which are becoming ever-more sophisticated. It therefore pays to trust the cyber experts. That said, the beauty of Sophos MTR from incovo means that you can still stay in control. You can decide how and when potential incidents are escalated, what response actions you want to be taken, and who should be included in communications.

In fact, Sophos MTR from incovo features three response modes, so you can choose how you would like the cyber experts to work alongside your business:

  • Notify: Sophos will provide details about any detected threat.
  • Collaborate: They will work with you to effectively respond to the detection.
  • Authorise: They will handle all the containment and neutralisation actions, and provide a full breakdown of any actions taken.

Left it too late? Get Rapid Response right when you need it
If you don’t have MTR and your business has come under attack – whether it be an infection, compromise, or unauthorised access attempting to circumvent your security controls – Sophos can provide immediate help.

They can neutralise the active threat and continue to monitor the situation for 45 days after the incident. Plus, they can provide a full post-incident analysis, all for an upfront, fixed cost with no hidden fees.

Introducing Sophos Rapid Response from Sophos on Vimeo.

Why choose incovo?
incovo offers a choice of Standard or Advanced MTR packages so you can choose whichever service suits your business needs best.

Speak to the IT experts at incovo by calling 0345 450 8400 or email [email protected] and we’ll ensure your business gets the 24/7 protection it needs.