Why it pays to outsource your IT support to incovo

Why it pays to outsource your IT support to incovo

A recent study by YouGov showed 70% of UK businesses outsource to third parties. Interestingly, according to these findings, the most common area for UK businesses to outsource is IT support, with more than a third of British businesses (34%) choosing to hand over this responsibility. Here at incovo, we predict these figures will continue to rise in the coming months.

Having endured a global pandemic, and now with an energy crisis and cost of living crisis on the horizon, many businesses are keeping a closer eye than ever on their bottom line. The monetary savings to be made from outsourcing IT support are undeniable, therefore making it a greatly appealing prospect for many businesses. But the benefits of outsourcing your IT support extend far beyond financial savings. Read on as the IT experts at incovo reveal all…

  1. Make significant monetary savings
    Topping many business’ priority lists right now is the need to save money. Opting to outsource an IT department rather than hire an in-house IT manager or team can save you a significant amount, considering how much you would typically spend on advertising the positions, hiring and training the staff members. Add to that the ongoing expenditure covering their salary, bonuses, holiday, and sickness pay, plus overheads such as office space. Now compare that figure to affordable monthly fee you would pay incovo and it makes complete financial sense to opt for the latter.
  2. Hit the ground running
    With incovo, you essentially have a ‘plug and play’ team of IT professionals on-hand, ready to assist your business from day one. No need to wait around until the right IT manager has been interviewed, hired, and trained up – just give us a call and we can get started right away.
  3. Save precious time
    By outsourcing your IT support to incovo, there is no need to supervise an in-house IT team. Instead, you can put that time to better use and focus on the things you do best – whether that be coming up with new business development ideas, improving your service, or finding more efficient ways to operate. In business, time is money – so use yours wisely.
  4. Enjoy true flexibility
    As demand for your service grows or as your customer needs change, your outsourced IT support from incovo can respond accordingly. We can give you the flexibility to scale up your support if and when required as your business grows and evolves.
  5. Take full advantage of our expertise
    The IT experts at incovo are highly qualified and undergo continual training to ensure they remain at the top of their game. We make it our priority to stay ahead of the latest technological developments, so you can be confident that your equipment and software are kept up to date and your network security and data management are never compromised. Our team have years of IT industry knowledge to ensure you remain compliant with all necessary laws and regulations such as GDPR.
  6. Enjoy 24/7 help and support
    A typical in-house IT team will work Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm – with time off for holidays as well as unpredictable sick days. However, we all know that an IT problem can occur at any time. A data breach or a cyber-attack – there’s no convenient time for them to happen! But if the worst should happen, rest assured that incovo’s IT team can offer immediate 24/7 help and support.

Discover what a different outsourcing your IT support could make to your business
Our team of experienced and professionally accredited IT experts are passionate about helping businesses like yours succeed by lightening the load and taking full responsibility for all your IT needs, so you don’t have to.

For 20 years, incovo has been transforming the way businesses communicate. As technology continues to evolve, we remain at the forefront of innovation. Partnering with some of the world’s most widely recognised names in IT services, incovo holds exclusive accreditation with the likes of Sophos and Microsoft.

To find out more about the many benefits of outsourcing your IT support to incovo and what a different it could make to your business, call 0345 450 8400 or email [email protected].