Can remote working save Christmas?

Can remote working save Christmas?

After almost two years of covid restrictions and selfless sacrifices that have impacted businesses as well as the personal lives of so many, it’s fair to say we are all looking forward to making this Christmas one to remember. However, with cases of the Omicron covid variant rising by the day, the question on many people’s mind is – what effect will it have on this year’s festive celebrations? The UK and Scottish Governments have been clear in their message that we must all act now to slow the spread of Omicron, and one key thing businesses should consider is reverting to remote working. Here’s how incovo is making that possible…


A mixed response to the return to the office

As restrictions eased up earlier in the year, many businesses reopened their offices in a bid to get back to normal. However, as incovo reported in September, there was a considerable number of employees that pushed back against this return to the office, having experienced a new-found sense of freedom, flexibility and autonomy as a remote worker.

In addition, this quest to get ‘back to normal’ wasn’t quite as smooth sailing as many business owners had originally hoped – with self-isolation still preventing many employees from physically getting back to the office.

Add in to the mix COP26 in October 2021, which saw the biggest world leaders descend upon Glasgow to raise awareness of climate change. For many businesses, this event marked a genuine turning point in their attitude and behaviour. Reducing emissions by cutting out the unnecessary commute to the office became a genuine priority for many. Remote working became an ethical as well as practical preference for many employees.


Winter 2021: The race to save Christmas

As cases of the Omicron covid variant have increased, the UK and Scottish Governments have been tasked with trying to slow the spread as much as possible, in a bid prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed this winter. One of the first approaches was to encourage all employees to work from home where possible, to reduce contact and chance of transmission.


Why remote working is here to stay

What the latest Omicron variant has taught us, is that the fight against covid is far from over. As a result, we here at incovo are seeing more and more businesses view remote working not just as a temporary measure, but as a permanent solution. Remote working has proved itself to be an effective way of enabling businesses to continue operating throughout disruptive and unpredictable times which, it would appear, are set to continue.


Four ways incovo makes remote working easy for every business

What came as a surprise to many of our traditional office-based clients was the relative ease of switching to remote working. And that is because incovo can take care of four key aspects:

  1. Technology: Thanks to advances in technology, it is easier than ever for teams to remain connected, no matter where they are based. Microsoft Teams, for example, enables colleagues to chat and collaborate seamlessly and intuitively. From instant messaging chat to more in-depth discussions involving the sharing of files and documents such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint – it can facilitate it all. The digital experts at incovo can install the software and train your employees to ensure they get the most out of this advanced technology.
  2. Accessibility: One of the main barriers to productive working prior to the days of remote working was not having access to particular files, folders, and documents. However, moving such documents to the cloud has been a real gamer-changer for many businesses, and enabled employees to access essential files whenever and from wherever they need to be. Talk to the IT department at incovo about moving your business to the cloud.
  3. Security: Protecting customer data and business information is of utmost important to companies across all sectors. It therefore pays to invest in quality cyber security to give you and your customers real peace of mind. Speak to the cyber security team at incovo about the latest protection from leaders in the field, Sophos.
  4. Practicalities: From the basics of a desk, chair, and computer – right through to all the added extras that make a home office a seriously productive and inspiring place to work – Remote Easy from incovo can take care of it all. Phone systems, headsets, web cams, printers and much more – we can supply, deliver, install, and maintain it all. To find out more, head to and request the latest catalogue.