Four things holding back your business and how to overcome them

Four things holding back your business and how to overcome them


What are your business goals for the year ahead? Will 2022 be all about increasing sales, maximising profits, or strengthening your position within the market? Or perhaps you’re focusing on attracting new customers or talented team members? Whatever your business goals, incovo can take you one step closer to achieving them.

We know this because for almost 20 years incovo has been helping businesses from a wide range of industries right across the UK and beyond. And whilst we recognise that each business is unique, we believe there are four fundamental elements that are often responsible for preventing many from reaching their full potential.

Read on to discover what these issues are and how incovo can help you overcome them.



Once you have defined your business goals for the year ahead, it is essential that you communicate them effectively with your team. Failure to communicate clearly can lead to a wide range of problems – from inefficiencies and costly mistakes to low team morale.

Getting your message across is easy with Microsoft 365 as it includes a whole suite of apps designed to bring your ideas to life – from simple Word Docs and Excel spreadsheets to PowerPoint presentations.

Of course, discussing those business ideas is no longer something that needs to be confined to the boardroom. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, you can stay connected via video, share files and documents, chat and collaborate on any device from almost anywhere.

incovo has migrated countless businesses to Microsoft 365, all with no upfront costs or long-term commitments – instead they each pay on a per-user per-month basis, making it a fantastic cost-effective internal communication tool for businesses of all sizes.



Businesses are more reliant than ever on technology, especially those whose teams are now working remotely. Computers that are slow to load and networks that continually drop will have a direct impact on staff productivity, so it is vital that all devices and networks operate smoothly at all times.

incovo can proactively support your business by taking complete responsibility for your IT infrastructure. Our certified IT support engineers can install and maintain any IT peripherals, computer hardware and software systems. Plus, we can resolve technical issues whenever they happen with remote support from our 24/7 network and computer support team.

We can also provide secure off-site backup – transferring your data to a secure off-site server and scheduling regular backups to keep everything safe, so your team can continue to work without interruption.



It’s all very well having the right tools for the job, but if your team lacks the knowledge or the confidence to use them, they will never be utilised to their full potential.

Take Microsoft Teams as an example. There are so many features included in the software that can boost your team’s productivity and efficiency, but has your team had a chance to fully explore them?

incovo can help by providing in-depth training – from entry level to advanced knowledge. Plus, we can provide ongoing support via our help desk should they ever have any issues or questions.



Last but by no means least, security. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, so it is important that your business remains fully protected at all times. Falling victim to an attack could result in not only a breach of sensitive business and confidential customer data, it can also require a great deal of time, money, and resources to repair the damage.

incovo’s cyber security services are trusted by countless businesses to shield them from a wide range of online risks. Our IT experts proactively monitor and minimise IT and cyber threats, as well as identify and respond to real-time vulnerabilities.

For advanced cyber security, enquire about Sophos’ Managed Threat Response which provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service.

Every second counts during a cyber attack, therefore we also highly recommend Sophos’ Rapid Response which provides incredibly fast assistance. Delivered by an expert team of incident responders, they can identify and neutralise active threats to your business – whether that be an infection, compromise, or unauthorised access attempting to circumvent your security controls – giving you complete peace of mind, enabling you to focus solely on achieving your business goals.


Reach your goals

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