Introducing Remote Easy from incovo

Introducing Remote Easy from incovo

For almost 20 years, incovo has enabled businesses to communicate better and interact smarter. And now, we’re helping you do all this from the comfort of your own home, hot desk, or coffee shop. In fact, Remote Easy from incovo can help your team connect and collaborate from almost anywhere.

From cutting edge technology to ergonomically designed furniture – Remote Easy can supply your team with everything they need to work remotely. We can also deliver, install, and maintain the equipment.

And we can do it all whilst offering the same level of exceptional customer experience so many businesses across Scotland and beyond have come to expect from incovo.


2020 – The year the world changed forever

When the world went into Lockdown, countless businesses switched to remote working literally overnight. One year on, the benefits of this dramatic change have become abundantly clear.

In terms of workforce wellbeing, many are reporting a greater sense of job satisfaction amongst employees who now enjoy a healthier work / life balance. In relation to corporate commitment to minimising environmental impact, the end of the daily commute has enabled remote workers to drastically reduce their carbon footprint. Not to mention the huge monetary savings made from doing away with the costly overheads of running an office.


Long-term positive changes

Crucially, in order to ensure remote working remains a viable long-term alternative to the traditional office model of working, employees need to be properly equipped. This means they need to have a suitable set-up – such as an ergonomically designed desk and chair, storage solutions, ICT equipment, up-to-the-minute IT packages, and anti-virus software.

Until now, this has presented many companies with a logistical nightmare involving multiple suppliers, each providing different elements to different employees.

But now thanks to Remote Easy, you get can it all in one place. In fact, we’re one of the only providers in Scotland that can offer your business the complete package.

We can deliver, install, maintain, and manage everything your team needs to work remotely, enabling you to scale back or even completely remove the need for an office.


We practice what we preach

Switching to remote working could revolutionise your business. And we should know. incovo proudly became a fully remote working company in 2020, a move widely reported in the press such as this article in The Scotsman, and we’ve never looked back.

And that’s why the team at incovo are so keen to share the benefits of remote working with as many other businesses as possible – hence the reason we founded our new sister company, Remote Easy.

Speaking ahead of the launch, CEO Chris Thomas commented; ‘Remote working has benefitted the incovo team in so many ways, but in order to make the switch as smooth and seamless as possible, we understand that certain things need to be in place.

Judging by the experience of other businesses, it’s not an easy task to kit out a remote team with all the right furniture, equipment, and software if multiple suppliers are involved.

So, in-keeping with incovo’s commitment to going one step further for our clients, we decided to take the lead, streamline the process, and help make the switch to remote working as slick as possible by providing everything businesses could possibly need’.


What’s stopping you?

Technology has advanced to a point where most organisations can benefit from some degree of remote working. Thanks to developments in the internet, wi-fi, cloud computing, smartphones, and other virtual communications tools, we can now stay connected, communicate, and collaborate better than ever before, no matter where we are.


Quality brands you know and trust

Thanks to our unique partnerships, Remote Easy can provide your team with a range of quality furniture and hi-tech equipment from leading names such as Microsoft, Avaya, HP, Sophos, Apple, and Dell. So you can rest assured your business is in safe hands, regardless of where you operate from.


The best bit…

There are no additional or hidden costs and you only pay for what you use on a subscription basis. It’s that simple.


Find out more

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