Home office goals from Remote Easy

Home office goals from Remote Easy

One of the biggest benefits for businesses switching to remote working is the huge monetary savings that can be made. No more need for an office in the city, with all the overheads and expenses that come with it. No more shelling out on petrol or train tickets for the daily commute.

That said, it pays to invest in a good quality set-up for each of your home-working team members. So read on for top tips on how your team can achieve their home office goals with the help of Remote Easy from incovo.


Elevate your work life

A good solid desk should be the focus of your home workspace. Ideally, keep it free of clutter and position it somewhere that will inspire productivity and creativity, such as next to a window to make the most of any natural light.

For those hoping to make healthy changes to their working habits, opt for a standing desk, or one that can be raised and lowered throughout the day so you can switch between standing and sitting, such as the Elev8 Mono Straight Sit Stand Desk 1200mm x 800mm. This more active approach to work has been proven to have multiple benefits. For example, standing whilst working helps to engage your muscles, which encourages blood flow to the brain, aiding concentration. It can also help to reduce the harmful build-up of sugars and fats in the blood.

To decipher the optimum height of your standing desk, follow these simple steps:

  • Stand in front of your desk, relax your shoulders, and create a 90-degree angle with your elbows.
  • Raise the desk to sit just below your forearms.
  • Whilst working, keep your knees slightly bent to avoid hyperextension and locking joints.
  • Relax the wrists and let your fingers can hang down to meet your keyboard. Your wrist should never be inclined up or down as repeated extension and flexion of the can compress the internal structure of the wrists, thus increasing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Sitting pretty

A well-designed chair that can be elevated to suit each remote worker’s individual desk height is a must. Sturdy, comfortable, and easy to manoeuvre – the Senza Ergo 24hr Ergonomic Asynchro Task Chair fits the bill perfectly, and it’s a small price to pay if it helps to avoid long-term health issues such as back ache, poor posture, and eye strain.


OK computer

Top of our tips when it comes to keeping remote teams connected – make sure they’re not using their personal home computers or laptops as this can seriously jeopardise the safety and security of your business data. Instead, invest in a name you trust, such as a Dell Latitude 3510 15″ Laptop.

In addition, make sure they can access all the tools, apps, and security they need to help communication and collaboration run smoothly from a distance by ensuring you have the right software, such as Microsoft 365 Business Premium, for example.


The added extras

The real beauty of using an all-in-one provider of remote working essentials such as Remote Easy from incovo is that we can literally take care of everything – from the basics of a desk, chair and computer – right through to all the added extras that make a home office a seriously productive and inspiring place to work. Phone systems, headsets, web cams, printers and much more – we can supply, deliver, install, and maintain it all.

To find out more about what we offer, head to www.remoteeasy.co.uk and request the latest catalogue.