About Howden

Howden is a global engineering business that prides itself on its industry experience which stretches back over a century. Their product range covers every major technology and crosses multiple sectors. They advise, design and supply compressors for virtually any situation and are committed to providing ongoing support to their customers.

It is because of their shared business ethos and mutual values that Howden first turned to incovo who have now been successfully managing their account for eight years.

The Challenge

Howden was faced with the challenge of finding a company that had the capacity to handle a wide range of large-scale factory jobs across two UK sites; Glasgow and Huddersfield.

From full-scale cabling jobs and ongoing maintenance of the communications room cabling, to networking, door entry maintenance and CCTV – Howden was seeking one sole point of contact that could be entrusted to oversee each of these varied tasks through to completion.


The Solution Detail

Since embarking upon this project, incovo has responded to each and every one of Howden’s diverse needs quickly and efficiently.

They delivered a detailed quote within just 24 hours and assigned a dedicated account manager for ease of communication.

Each of the wide-ranging tasks was completed to the same exacting standards; completed on time and finished professionally.

The Solution Overview

incovo was able to recommend premium cat6 cabling and fibre cabling for the large-scale factory jobs and for the communications room cabling.

A specialist licence for the safe use of mobile vertical machines was required for several tasks, but thanks to incovo’s rigorous training, their engineers were fully qualified to complete each job.

Value Created

Ease of communication is key when managing multiple sites, and with just one point of contact overseeing a large percentage of their IT needs, Howden is now reaping the benefits in terms of increased efficiency.


Howden was seeking effective solutions for a variety of pain-points, including full-scale cabling jobs and ongoing maintenance of the communications room cabling, to networking, door entry maintenance and CCTV.

Not only were incovo able to respond to their needs using the latest premium cat6 cabling and fibre cabling, they were also able to increase efficiency by assigning one point of contact to project manage all requests.

Over the past eight years, Howden has benefitted enormously as a result of their strong working relationship with incovo – a company whose wide-ranging capabilities they know they can trust.

We’ve been so impressed with incovo’s response rate. We requested a quote and got a detailed breakdown of costs within just one day.

We’d heard great things about incovo and they’ve certainly lived up to their reputation.

We were looking for someone to take charge of a number of varied projects and we’re pleased to say each one undertaken by incovo has been completed to the same high standards.