Hudson House

About Hudson House

Hudson House comprises a selection of prestigious serviced offices and operates a professional in-house telephone answering service in Edinburgh’s city centre. The independently owned company has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and their aim is to offer the very latest IT and telecoms products and services in a high-quality office environment.

Hudson House has been a customer at incovo for 10 years, during which time their technology has been updated to ensure they remain at the forefront of their industry.

The Challenge

After discussing the advantages of SIP trunking with incovo, Hudson House were keen to make the move. Not only was there obvious appeal in using the very latest technology, the monetary incentive was unmistakable – they would save an estimated £33,000 over a five-year period. Their costs would be fixed and they would be able to increase the amount of voice channels with ease.

However, the challenge came in the form of a strict time constraint as Vodafone was due to terminate the circuit. Incovo faced a series of pressures – they had just three months to provision lines, order SIP trunks, configure the IP Office, install the Session Boarder Controller and organise the DDI number port for 560 numbers. Given that the Ethernet First Mile (EFM) had an eight-week lead time, incovo had to work to a timeframe that afforded them zero flexibility.

The Solution Detail

The first task was to order the EFM line, then incovo got straight to work configuring the IP Office and the Session Boarder Controller. incovo’s expert telecommunications and cabling engineers attended the site with a BT engineer to ensure the line went in hassle-free. The incovo team oversaw the cabling from the Network Termination Point to the phone system, two stories down from the office.

Next, the team tackled the number port and SIP trunking configuration onto IP Office. Because the port was multi-operator (BT, Gamma and Vodafone), incovo organised an early 8am start to ensure there was no downtime for the customer.

They then ran test calls and provided dedicated go-live support to the client to ensure a smooth switchover. Thanks to incovo’s exceptional project management and impeccable attention to detail, the switchover was a complete success.

The Solution Overview

The switchover was a massive undertaking but one that ran smoothly thanks to incovo’s expert team. Within just three months, Hudson House were able to enjoy the benefits of the latest SIP technology with a dedicated, leased line EFM, and expand their number of voice channels. Despite the challenges, the switchover proved to be a hugely successful, cost-saving solution.

Hudson House

Value Created

Not only does Hudson House now benefit from having the latest technology at their fingertips, with additional control over the circuit from SIP trunk call manager, and an increased number of voice channels, they have also made undeniable long-term monetary savings.


When faced with a huge task and an inflexible timeframe, the incovo team rose to the challenge, working quickly and efficiently to get the job done, without ever compromising standards. Incovo were able to create a robust, cost-saving solution and ensure Hudson House experienced a completely hassle-free transition to their nproofed system.

This switchover was a huge undertaking with strict time constraints, but incovo were confident they could rise to the challenge, and they certainly did.

It’s so important to our business that offer our customers the very latest technology. Thanks to incovo, we’re staying one step ahead of the competition.

Incovo’s attention to detail was excellent, and they kept us fully informed every step of the way.