About YourGP

YourGP was established in Edinburgh in 2003 by a team of expert GPs who were committed to delivering an exceptional standard of healthcare, and today it ranks as one of Scotland’s leading private medical practices.

YourGP have been working with incovo for eight years, and as the practice has grown, so too have their printing and communication needs. incovo has responded by offering flexible solutions that have had a significant impact on the business.

The Challenge

Given the nature of their business, YourGP required a provider they could trust and rely on. The busy practice operates six days a week and they pride themselves on their short-notice booking service, so it is vital that their lines of communication are never compromised. YourGP also handle a large amount of strictly confidential information, so a reliable printing solution is absolutely essential.

To ensure their patients receive the very best standard of care, it is crucial that the practice runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible at all times. Therefore YourGP needed a provider that could manage all their communications and printing requirements, saving the team time, to enable them to instead concentrate solely on providing their important medical services.


The Solution Detail

incovo has responded to YourGP’s growing needs and now manages their phone lines, phone system and printers, right across their two Edinburgh sites.

incovo oversaw YourGP’s recent office move and ensured there was zero compromise on communication whilst relocating to this new site.

incovo also successfully upgraded YourGP to Konica and UTAX devices for greater reliability, and YourGP are now saving a substantial amount of money; £3,000 a year on printing costs alone.

Furthermore, by providing one single point of contact, incovo has provided YourGP with a hassle-free account management solution.

The Solution Overview

Incovo successfully installed a Gamma Horizon system for 25 extensions and multiple phone lines across the two Edinburgh sites, and upgraded their printing solutions to more efficient Konica and UTAX devices.

They also combined the communications and printing billing into just one account, for ease of management.

Value Created

YourGP are reaping the benefits of a better, more reliable phone service and more efficient printing solutions. Not only are they saving a substantial figure of £3,000 a year on printing costs alone, they now benefit from having just one point of contact, saving them valuable time.

It is thanks to these benefits that YourGP continues to enjoy a strong working relationship with incovo, and eight years on, are a loyal and highly valued customer.


A substantial percentage of YourGP’s IT is now looked after by incovo. Now spanning two sites, incovo will continue to respond to YourGP’s growing needs and provide effective solutions to help their business continue to thrive.

We’ve always felt that we matter to incovo. If we ever experience problems with our printers or phone system, the team at incovo are onto it straight away. We’re very satisfied customers.

Thanks to incovo’s advice, we’ve been able to save £3,000 a year on printing costs which is incredible.

We recently moved offices and it was surprisingly hassle-free – incovo ensured it was a smooth transition and everything was up and running within no time.