Avaya Cloud Office: Business communication made simple

Avaya Cloud Office: Business communication made simple

‘Keep it simple, stupid’ – a design principle coined by the US Navy in 1960 and one that we at incovo believe is perfectly applicable to businesses today. Why over-complicate things when you don’t have to? Everything runs smoother when it’s simplified, and that’s why the telecommunications team at incovo are such big fans of Avaya Cloud Office.


In a nutshell, what is it?

Avaya Cloud Office is a cloud-based phone system that integrates with more than 100 business apps – such as Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce – all in one app. Essentially, it’s a customizable unified communications experience in the cloud, and it can genuinely revolutionise the way your business communicates.

You and your team can access everything you need on any device, in any location. Call, chat, meet, and collaborate from the office, from home, from the coffee shop – wherever you prefer to work.


What are the benefits for my business?

  • Low start-up cost (In fact, we have an unmissable offer available right now – read on!)
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • Accessible on your desktop computer, desk phone, mobile phone, and tablet
  • Keep your team connected like never before, regardless of where they are working
  • Perfect for meetings and collaboration, screen and file-sharing, task management, CRM integration, and so much more
  • Call, private message or join a group chat
  • Monitor how effectively your communications are functioning with analytics reports
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Unlimited capacity whenever you need it thanks to cloud scalability


What do I need to use it?

Avaya Cloud Office can be used on any of the following:

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra or above
  • On phones, it is available on iOS and Android


Why is now the time to choose Avaya Cloud Office?

As Jim Chirico, Avaya’s president and CEO, explains – the covid crisis has dramatically changed the way businesses operate, and in response, ‘Organizations of all kinds are adapting to new ways for their employees to communicate, collaborate, and be productive, regardless of their location or the device they’re using, with the help of easy-to-use cloud solutions that empower a mobile, remote workforce’.


What do the experts say about it?

Craig Beveridge, Projects Manager  at incovo says; ‘Our team had been searching for a long time to find a solution that can deliver everything Avaya Cloud Office can. We’re enthusiastic about what positive remote/WFH changes this will enable businesses in Scotland to make over the next 12 months’.


Why should I choose incovo?

Our team is highly trained and experienced, and we know this software inside out. In fact, we’re a fully accredited Avaya Edge Emerald level partner. Here’s what Steve Joyner, Avaya’s Managing Director for UK and Ireland, said about us.

Avaya Cloud Office: Business communication made simple


Why should I sign up now?

Sign up for any edition of Avaya Cloud Office from incovo and receive 25% off, plus we’ll give you the two months completely FREE!


I want to know more!

If you think your business would benefit from having all the features and options you want brought together in one app, call 0345 450 8400 or email [email protected] and speak to the telecommunications experts at incovo about simplifying things with Avaya Cloud Office.

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