Best ways to improve communication when remote working

Best ways to improve communication when remote working

For a business to thrive, team members need to communicate openly, freely, and frequently. But how do we make this happen when colleagues who are used to sharing an office and bouncing ideas off each other in the boardroom need to switch to remote working? How do you keep those channels of communication open and accessible, to ensure creativity and productivity aren’t impacted?

To answer these questions, we asked the incovo team themselves. Not only did they successfully switch to become a fully remote working team back in 2020, they have since helped dozens of other businesses do the same. Here’s how…


‘Empower your team by giving them choice’
Chris Thomas, CEO
How we communicate matters. Having a range of channels of communication readily available – such as video, email, and instant messaging – can make all the difference. For us, a weekly structured team meeting via video is a great way to keep everyone up to date with project progress. Whereas instant messaging is perfect for when a quick yes/no answer is all that is required to move something forward.
Ask us about Microsoft Teams: It offers a wide range of communication solutions, it is simple to use, fast, and secure.


‘Build confidence by investing in comprehensive training’
Andy Taylor, Operations Director
It’s no use investing in the latest technology if your team can’t utilise it to its full potential. And with software advancing at such a rapid pace, you should never just assume that everyone in your team knows how to navigate the latest updates. That is why it is so important to ensure every member of your team receives thorough training.
Ask us about training from incovo: Our flexible professional training packages can be adapted to your individual business’ unique needs.


‘Protect your team and stay safe online’
James Myles, Head IT Consultant
By moving everything online, you naturally create opportunity for data to be stolen and devices to be attacked if you don’t install the correct cyber security software.
Ask us about cyber security: The IT experts at incovo can carry out a cyber security audit of your business for FREE! The results of which can lead to savings of up to 30% once you switch to incovo.


‘Encourage your team to set boundaries’
Craig Beveridge, Projects Manager
It’s amazing to have the technology at our fingertips that allows us to instantly connect with others. However, it is important to find the right work/life balance. It is therefore vital that team members set boundaries and respect when others will and will not be working – for example, requesting a video chat to discuss a minor detail long after their working day has finished is not a good way to build healthy working relations!
Ask us about project management: If you need extra help to guide your business through the switch to remote working, speak to our team of fully accredited PRINCE2 practitioners and project managing the process.


‘Don’t forget to have fun’
Erin Thomson, Helpdesk Manager
The social side of work is so important and can have a massive effect on the team’s morale. By getting to know your colleagues outside of the ‘9 to 5’ you gain a better understanding of their strengths and can therefore build more productive working relationships. Make an effort to come together virtually or in person regularly.
Ask us about incovo events: Our successful business brunch is set to return later in the year, providing a valuable opportunity for your team to meet and mingle with other businesses in an informal and inspiring setting.