Pushing back against the return to the office

Pushing back against the return to the office

As firm advocates of remote working, the team at incovo and Remote Easy have long predicted that when restrictions ease and employers start to request a ‘return to normal’ and a return to the office, there would be a sizeable backlash from employees. Indeed, as the BBC recently reported, workers at companies such as Apple are pushing back, challenging what they call ‘A disconnect between how the executive team thinks about remote/location-flexible work and the lived experiences of many of Apple’s employees’. Here, we look at the reasons we believe the traditional office working environment, habits and attitudes should be made a thing of the past, and show how your business could benefit from a more modern, flexible, and freeing way to work.

How to get ahead in your career

The debate about how to get ahead in your career is an age-old one, but opinions have been polarised in recent months thanks to the pandemic. There are many who believe that showing an eagerness to return to the office is a sign of ambition and drive, and that only by sharing a workspace with your boss can you truly show them what you are capable of.

There are, of course, countless others who would strongly disagree. Choosing to continue to work from home bears no relation to one’s hunger to progress in their career. A remote worker could be just as eager to get that coveted promotion, and research shows they may in fact work harder, more efficiently and productively working towards that goal if they do so from home.

The end of presenteeism

A change in working habits and attitudes is long overdue. For far too long, many businesses have glamorised overworking. They have praised those who have continually worked more than their contracted hours or dragged themselves into the office even when they are ill. Why? Because it apparently shows they are dedicated to their job. Yet we wonder why so many people are suffering stress, anxiety, depression, and burn-out. For this reason, the pandemic has presented many businesses with a valuable opportunity to reassess their outdated emphasis on presenteeism.

Enjoying life outside work

Recognising that employees have a life outside of work is an important step towards building a more productive organisation. Having a personal life, family commitments, hobbies and pastimes does not mean a person is any less ambitious. In fact, we at incovo believe that when staff are encouraged to follow their passions in their spare time, they become happier and more fulfilled. In our experience, these workers are more well-rounded individuals with wider skill-sets, a more positive attitude, and a more productive work ethic.

Sometimes, life has to come first

One of the biggest problems with the return to the office and the traditional ‘9-5’ model of working is its total lack of flexibility. It is possible, to a certain extent, to plan appointments and personal errands after working hours or during lunch breaks, but sometimes life is unpredictable. Sometimes, a worker’s personal life needs to take priority. And no employee should ever be made to feel as if they are less committed to their career because of this.

Switching to a more flexible form of remote working enables employees to respond to these unpredictable moments better. It takes away the additional stress of rushing to the office or perhaps facing colleagues if, for example, they are dealing with a personal issue and would rather not have to make small talk.

Most importantly, employees need to feel empowered to decide when personal issues need to take priority over their work schedule, and employers need to trust their staff and support them in making that judgement call for themselves.

Practical solutions for the future

Countless businesses have proved that switching to remote working has no detrimental effects on their worker’s ambition and drive. In fact, the opposite can be said to be true. Many remote workers are more productive when working from home and one reason for this is because technology is now so advanced and so accessible.

Apps like Microsoft Teams enable staff to chat, video, share files and more at just the click of a button and all from a mobile phone. The digital experts at incovo provide comprehensive training to businesses looking to utilise this software to the fullest, enabling you to collaborate as quickly and seamlessly as if you were all in the same room.

We also provide anti-virus software from one of the leading names in cyber security, Sophos. Our highly experienced tech experts can recommend the right package for your business and install the software at a time that suits you best. So you can carry on working towards your business goals, safe in the knowledge that your data is protected.

Success stories

If you would like to find out more about making a success of remote working, speak to the team at incovo. We’ll be happy to discuss your unique requirements, and share tips and advice on how to make it happen.