Why it pays to upskill your team

Why it pays to upskill your team

Having navigated our way through a pandemic, we understand that many businesses will be keeping a close eye on their bottom line over the coming months as we all find our way back to steadier times. It is therefore understandable that many businesses will be scrutinising any expenses to ensure they deliver the best return on investment. Here at incovo, we believe upskilling your team is an investment that pays dividends.

When you upskill your team, you build upon their existing skills, further their knowledge, expand their capabilities, and help them reach their full potential. This can only be good for business. Here’s why…


Top four reasons it pays to upskill your team

  • The promise of investing in an individual’s career can help you attract the right talent when it comes to recruitment. Showing that you believe in personal and professional development, and that you genuinely care enough about your employee’s future to put your money where your mouth is can be a major pull.
  • Not only can upskilling help you attract talent, it can help you keep it too. Expanding their skills and knowledge leads to a workforce that feels truly valued, happier, and more fulfilled. That sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction can make all the difference with regards to staff retention.
  • Upskilling arms your team with the ability to do things better, quicker, or more creatively. It therefore has the power to boost your business’ efficiency and productivity.
  • Upskilling keeps your team at the top of their game. It is a great way of ensuring they keep up to date with the latest industry developments, giving your business the edge over the competition.


As technology advances at a greater speed than ever before, the need to regularly upskill your team is more important than ever because how your team connects, communicates, and collaborates internally and externally is crucial to the success of any business.


Why Microsoft Teams training could transform your business

Here at incovo, we’ve seen countless organisations take things to the next level by adopting Microsoft Teams as their go-to communications platform. And it’s understandable why – it’s fast, secure, and accessible. You can instant message, video call, file share, and so much more. And it’s this ‘so much more’ part we can help you with!

incovo is a fully accredited Microsoft partner. Our IT experts have extensive knowledge of how to utilise this software to its full potential and they’re passionate about sharing this knowledge with your team.

We offer flexible training packages that can be adapted to your individual business’ unique needs. Whether in-house or remote, a refresher course or a beginner’s guide, our digital specialists can guide your team through the complete course.

Choose a Microsoft Teams training package from incovo as part of your upskilling programme and we’ll help you unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams and unlock the full potential of your employees in the process.

Want to know more? Arrange a consultation by emailing [email protected] or call 0345 450 8400 and find out how we can upskill your team to the next level.